10 Best Organic Fertilizer Brands For Perfect Nourishment of Plants

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From sustainable facemasks to compost bins, we have been trying it all. For years we have been using synthetic fertilizers that have not only make the environment beautiful but also deprived us of the nutrition that our body deserves.

Although synthetic fertilizers might promote growth in your plants, but that growth is short-lived. In the long run, organic fertilizers will be profitable both for the environment and your garden.

Through this article, we will have a look at different types of fertilizer and the best organic fertilizer brands for your plants.

What is organic fertilizer?

Putting it in simple terms, we can describe organic fertilizers as those fertilizers that come from organic matter. They can be from animal matters or plants. The fertilizers are made from living beings through different procedures.

As I have mentioned time and again, sustainable living is no more a choice rather a necessity. Hence, if you are truly on the path to sustainable living using organic fertilizers for our plants is a must. Let’s look into different types of organic fertilizers.

What Are The Types Of Organic Fertilizers?

Animal-Based Fertilizers:

Animal-based fertilizers are those fertilizers that are derived from bone meal, blood meal, manure, etc. These fertilizers add a lot of nutritional value to the soil. These fertilizers are recommended for those plants that are in their growth stage. Some of the animal fertilizers include:

1. Bone Fertiliser

Bone fertilizers are produced using squashed animal bones. It is wealthy in phosphorus and calcium and supplies some nitrogen. It can advance plant seedling development, assist blossoms with developing, and increment yield.

2. Blood fertilizer

A blood fertilizer is a dried type of animal blood. It can expand the nitrogen content that makes the plants denser. Discharge nitrogen rapidly advances blossoming and goes about as a characteristic vermin repellent. However, use and application ought to be made sparingly, as over-application can add to the consumption of the plant root.

3. Creature Manure

It can emerge out of an assortment of animals. For instance, cow compost has some control over weeds and builds the dampness holding limit of the dirt and increments air entrance in the dirt. Seabird guano is a natural compost for yards. It can go about as a characteristic fungicide and control nematodes in the dirt.

4. Fish fertilizer

The fish fertilizer is a quick delivery compost that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium. It can further develop soil wellbeing, increment richness, and make plants flourish.

Apart from these, you can also add Fish Emulsion or Shellfish fertilizers. The Fish Emulsion has a high amount of nitrogen but also has huge acidic content. On the other hand, the shellfish fertilizer is wealthy in calcium and phosphorus.

Plant-Based Fertilizers

Plant-based fertilizers are those fertilizers that are extracted from plant remains. The ingredients in these fertilizers include molasses, cottonseed meal, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, molasses, etc. Some of the famous plant fertilizers include:

1. Cottonseed Meal

Cottonseed Meal is a rich wellspring of nitrogen and a limited quantity of phosphorus and potassium. It tends to be an incredible natural compost grass. It is primarily used to cover the nursery soil to control the dirt climate.

2. Horse feed and Soybean meal

It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and nonpartisan ph. Soybean feast is a practical added substance for longer-enduring outcomes during soil support.

3. Sea Weeds

Ocean growth is a prompt delivery compost and an amazing wellspring of zinc and iron. It works out positively for the high-potash crop. (Kelp Fertilizer)

Mineral Fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers are those fertilizers that have to contain active minerals in the form of salt. Once the salt is dissolved, the plants can use these minerals. These fertilisers help in the instant replacement of soil’s nutritional values. Some of the mineral fertilizers include.

1. Greensand

Greensand is an olive-green sandstone containing glauconite. It is a rich wellspring of iron, potassium, and magnesium. It supports the feeling of blossoming and fulfillment in natural product trees. Also, relax the dirt; increment the water content in the dirt to work on the rhizosphere.

2. Rock Phosphate

Phosphate is separated from mineral rocks and dirt. It has more than 30% phosphate, along with high groupings following micronutrients. It very well may be utilized to increment soil causticity and advance plant seedling development.

10 Best Organic Fertiliser:

1. Plantic Organic Fertilizer

PLANTIC Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Flowering Plants/Blooming Flower for All Types of...
PLANTIC Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Flowering Plants/Blooming Flower for All Types of...
Non-Returnable: This item is labeled as non-returnable, means not eligible for returns.

Every plant has a barrier in the process of growth. Plastic provides customized liquid c The company understands the hunger of plants and also cares about customer satisfaction. They manufacture their products after detailed research about the nutrients required by the plant, that lacks in a particular type of soil.

Some of its expertly processed utilizing optimum quality organic ingredients with eco-friendly formula and progressive techniques products are water storing crystals, total plant care combo, green drop, bloom drop, seed starter, and hydroponic. Its application is very simple just mixing the required amount, with the proportion of water and applying it.

2. Trust basket

Trust basket is a one-stop online platform that provides various types of products like quality seeds, succulents, and gardening materials but its specialty is organic fertilizer. The passionate gardeners run this e-store to help and give joy to people loving plants. Trust basket has different materials for indoor, outdoor, and vertical gardening. Its headquarter is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Their vision is to make the environment green and get some fresh air. They deliver the items in the best quality on time. They market soluble plant fertilizer, controlled release or organic fertilizer for plants, and much more. The products of this company have features like long shelf life, impurity-free and safe.

3. Organic dews

Organic dews produce authentic organic fertilizers by professionals in plant genomics, sustainable agriculture, and the clean extraction process. They provide eco-friendly and reusable zip lock pouches and attractive containers for packaging. It has expertise in producing and supplying excellent quality organic soil conditioners, bio-inoculum, bio-pesticides, insect sticky traps, etc for different applications.

The company follows the concept of zero which Focuses on artificial nourishment of plants by utilizing the rich nutrients available in seaweed such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which balance the growth of plants, and zinc, magnesium, and boron, calcium which are ideal for healthy and steady growth.

4. Ugaoo

Ugaoo Cow Dung Manure Fertilizers for Plants & Home Gardening - 5 kg
Ugaoo Cow Dung Manure Fertilizers for Plants & Home Gardening - 5 kg
Cow dung manure for plants. It is best organic fertilizers for home plants.; Best quality & highly effective compost manure for home & garden plants.
Amazon Prime

Ugaoo is a one-stop-shop for all your garden needs. Their motive is to inspire the world where every plant journey is a person’s revolution of inner change and growth. They provide fertilizers that contain plant nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus which helps to improve the nutritional quality of the soil.

The company’s range of fertilizers is specific to the deficiency of soil quality. Headquarters is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. They produce cow manure and poultry manure. The organic fertilizer for plant pellets is made of organic poultry litter. It enhances moisture retention and helps in the growth of beneficial microbes. It also increases the capacity to combat pests and diseases.

5. Greenloop

Greeloop brings high-quality nutrients which have complete micronutrients and macronutrients. Greeloop provides products like hydroponic nutrients and all-in-one plant food. Hydroponic nutrients give high performance and excellent growth to plants.

It is easy to use. It suits all types of soil and plants. It has high-quality ingredients. It is suitable for all kinds of hydroponics like DWC, Ebb, NFT, aeroponics, flow, drop systems, wick systems, and media beds. All in one plant food is fortified with 7 micronutrients. Best for home gardens.

These are effective, economical, mess-free, bug-free, and popular also. Works in any soil pH. Easy to use. Use only twice a month.

6. Agribegri

No products found.

Agribegri is a company that links the seller and buyer of agricultural input products at the most reasonable and negotiable price. It provides a wide range of products ranging from plant growth promoters, organic fertilizer, organic pesticides, and organic fungicides to waste decomposers. According to the customers, organic fertilizer works best.

This fertilizer reduces the usage of inorganic fertilizers which deteriorates the soil quality in the long-term usage. Agribegri Trade Link Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2016 as India’s No-1 online Agri shop with customer support and demand.

7. Casa de Amor

Casa De Amor Organic Potash Essential Fertilizer For Gardening (900 Gm), Granules
Casa De Amor Organic Potash Essential Fertilizer For Gardening (900 Gm), Granules
🍅 Improves Size of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables.; 🍂 Resolves leaf drop and boosts root resistance to water scarcity and pests.
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Casa de Amor has been manufacturing organic biofertilizers and organic pesticides since 2006. Casa de Amor means ‘home of love’. They want to bring love into everybody’s home by the positiveness impacted due to their products. They are dedicated to the manufacture of organic fertilizers and providing the best quality of it to the farmer for outstanding outcomes.

Some of the organic products of Casa de Amor are rose care, neem cake powder, organic potash fertilizer, plant boost liquid biofertilizer, mustard oil cake powder, root care VAM mycorrhiza organic fertilizer for the plant, etc.

8. Seed 2 plant

Seed 2 plant is an initiative for the ‘make in India’ mission. Seed 2 plant supports the local farmers in India to sustain and thrive and build a stronger India. They empower and encourage urban households by providing them with the best quality seed, fertilizer, and other products.

The idea of a seed 2 plant company came into the mind of founders when they grew serious interest in healthy eating and organic living. They increase soil quality and sustain soil fertility. Some of the best quality biofertilizers are Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal biofertilizer, Bone meal steamed fertilizer, Domestic dried decomposer, etc.

9. Natures plus


Nature’s plus is manufactured by Global Choirs, Tamilnadu, India, and marketed by K.R.Enterprises, Bangalore. They produce biofertilizer which provides excellent fertility, enables the soil to loosen, and provides good aeration. Most of the inorganic fertilizers cause plant burn by using excessive amounts, which is not reported in Natures plus organic fertilizers.

Very unique composition is found in case of Natures plus organic fertilizer that is – Nitrogen-1.3-1.8, Potassium- 1.45, Phosphorus-1.3-2.1, pH-7.88, Sulphur-0.76, Magnesium-36.2mg, Copper-5mg. A mixture of composted oilcake of groundnut, castor, Pongamia, and sunflower is present.

10. Janatha Agro

Janatha agro is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of fish protein and fish oil derivatives. Now they present environmentally friendly products for agricultural purposes. Its specialty is the low odor organic fertilizer which suits all types of soil and different types of plants.

Its efficiency ratio is too high as compared to other organic fertilizers. Janatha agro is an environmentally compliant company, dedicated to reducing the anthropogenic impact on nature. Its organic fertilizer has micronutrients that bring stability and sustainability to the growth of plants and the production of crops.


In order to take proper care of your plants, it’s extremely important to fertilize them from time to time. Moreover, there are several monetary benefits of going green. Growing a healthy and nourished plant is not a piece of cake. You have to take care of those plants every day from watering to cutting. With proper care by fertiliser spreader, your plants will surely grow up and be denser than before!

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