Is Styrofoam Recyclable? How To Dispose Styrofoam

Is Styrofoam Recyclable

Styrofoam is everywhere. Most people do not even know of the negative impact of Styrofoam on the environment. It is the number 6 plastic that almost takes more than 500 years to decompose with soil. The common question, which comes into anyone’s mind is that, is Styrofoam recyclable? It is very hard to conclude at any […]

Top 12 Best Sustainable Wallet Brands To Carry 

Best sustainable wallet brands

Having a wallet in our hands and Pocket becomes nowadays a common fashion accessory for both men and women. Currently, people are looking for the best sustainable wallets not just for carrying personal things but also to give compliments to their own style. Usually, people are looking for the best eco-friendly wallets which are made […]

10 of the Best Vegan Shoe Brands for Men & women

Best vegan shoe brands

What’s the best way to treat your feet? Comfortably, of course! Hundreds of brands make shoes specifically meant to protect and care for your feet, and I’ve got a few favourites picked out here to share with you today. And don’t worry—no animals were harmed in making these vegan shoe brands! Frequently Asked Questions

32 Best Online Thrift Stores To Buy High-End Products

Best online thrift stores

Nowadays, online and offline thrift stores, become one of the easiest ways to show the Coolest fashion statements at low prices. People always are looking for luxury and high-end products to buy without spending a lot of their money. It is high time to forget all of your big brand’s names and considered the help […]