Is Styrofoam Recyclable? How To Dispose Styrofoam

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Styrofoam is everywhere. Most people do not even know of the negative impact of Styrofoam on the environment. It is the number 6 plastic that almost takes more than 500 years to decompose with soil. The common question, which comes into anyone’s mind is that, is Styrofoam recyclable? It is very hard to conclude at any point. However, we will elaborate on each one of the single detail about is styrofoam biodegradable which is necessary to know before using. 

Styrofoam makes up a lot of things that decompose like cups and plates, portable fridges, egg cartons, packaging materials, insulation, and crafts. The list is endless. However, it is important to know how much we can use it in our daily life. We often have to ask the question ourselves about the Styrofoam recycling process. Besides that, whether it is reusable or not! What are the alternative things that we can use on the behalf of Styrofoam? Subsequently, whether Styrofoam is leaving any carbon footprinton the environment or not!

We will elaborate on each one of the things one by one in this paragraph so that it can help you to understand whether is Styrofoam recyclable? Let’s join in our discussion to find out all the significant details related to this Styrofoam.

What is Styrofoam? 

In simple words, it is typically the trademarked Name of a type of insulation. The insulation is manufactured by a Dow chemical company. Besides that, Styrofoam is also a type of form that is XPS. The XPS stands for extruded polystyrene. Not only that it also identify is a particular type of special method of form that is made with a closed-cell extrusion process.

Another form of Styrofoam is EPS. Generally, we used to see this form in cups and plates and it is made with expandable polystyrene. It is much lighter and thinner in comparison with XPS. Not only that, but it is also very much versatile and stiff. 

Is Styrofoam Environmentally Friendly?

There are mainly two types of Styrofoam available. But both of them are not environmentally friendly. They spread a lot of negative impacts on both the environment and human lives. Let us see some of the reasons why Styrofoam is not environmentally friendly and why Styrofoam recycling is not possible. 

1. The Base Material Of Styrofoam Causes Cancer

The base material of this product is styrene which is very dangerous for human lives. People who inhale this styrene and their skin hold it, it a maximum time they face the health problem like cancer. Not only that, this kind of interaction is often found in factories where it is made.

On the other side, the National Institute of Environment health sciences considered that it also leeches out of polystyrene containers. But ultimately the levels of styrene end up in people’s food. Hence, you should make eco-friendly meals

2. Endangers Wildlife

Another one more reason why it is not appropriate for people to use is that it is very dangerous for wildlife or animals. The Styrofoam can break down into lots of Pieces on the grounds where the animals roam. And unfortunately when they are taking their food there mistakenly consume the Styrofoam and choked it. This can simply take their lives very soon when they will unable to take breath properly.  

3. Takes Hundreds Of Years To Biodegrade

It is inappropriate for another one more reason which is it takes hundreds of years to biodegrade with soil. Therefore, the Styrofoam is not reusable and recyclable. And not only that, it also damages the balance of the natural ecosystem and brings out a lot of negative impacts on the environment.

In addition, people should avoid using this particular Styrofoam as it is not suitable for the environment and ecosystem balance. You should know all the ways to save the environment to protect it from damage. 

4. Creates A Hole In The Ozone Layer

Another one of the most effective reasons why it is not appropriate for use is that it creates a hole in the ozone layer. By creating a hole in the ozone layer, it increases Global Warming. Dangerous UV rays of the sun can directly spread a negative impact on human lives, animals, marine life by ocean pollution very quickly. Therefore, it is not a suitable product for use. people should only use biodegradable plastic that can be easily disposed of with soil. 

How To Recycle Styrofoam

Now let’s find out how we can recycle Styrofoam or Styrofoam recycling processes in little detail. Subsequently, we will also find out the fact is Styrofoam Recyclable or not. 

As we all know the fact that Styrofoam is not biodegradable but you can still recycle them. Doing Styrofoam recycling needs a lot of hard and challenging processes to finish. Whatever the form of the Styrofoam whether it is EPS or XPS both are very expensive. Therefore, a maximum number of cycling Facilities avoid doing that. 

If you want to recycle the form of EPS Styrofoam then at first you need to densities and broken up into little pieces. After that, you will have to collect all the pieces and need to press them into logs. After that, all those things can be again used by doing the manufacturing Process. 

In the same way, you will also have to do the cycling process for XPS. In addition, it is harder and stronger than EPS therefore you need to bring bigger machines to break them all into little pieces. In conclusion, we will like to add a few lines in this matter which are it is recyclable but it needs lots of expenses to do that. Therefore, a maximum number of manufacturing factories are avoiding the processes of making it again it is reusable and recyclable. 

Can Styrofoam Be Reused?

There is good news for all the audience is that it can be used again. However, that is cycling process is a little bit harder. People can reuse them for packing materials for their own packages. Not only that, but it can also help you with Plant holders, Stuffing, and craft projects. On the other side, the manufacturing companies are also using this Styrofoam for making picture frames, crown molding, and many other things.  

Alternative Materials To Styrofoam

However, there are so many alternative materials that are also available in comparison with Styrofoam which people can use regularly in their life. It will simply help all the audience to know about the alternative Styrofoam recycling things to use. Not only that, but they will also be able to find out is Styrofoam recyclable or not. 

1. Paper

The very first alternative thing to Styrofoam is paper. People can use all those packing materials, cups, and plates which are made of paper. All these things are biodegradable and mix up with soil very fast. People can also find out more biodegradable materials for plates.

Initially, people can also use paper for void filling in packaging. That is more eco-friendly for the environment and does not bring any kind of negative impact at the same time. Moreover, people who want to make a balance between the environment and the ecosystem should take the help of all tips to live a sustainable life

2. Reusable containers

Besides that, people can also use all those reusable containers for themselves to carry lunch and breakfast. Every day the same container will help them to carry all their foods quickly inside the container. However, if you often have the habit to drink coffee for yourself then you need to use a recyclable coffee mug for yourself. They will not have to decompose the container or mug into the soil. You should avoid using plastic materials or plastic containers to carry your food items because it can offer negative aspects to your health. 

3. Bamboo

Another more effective alternative to Styrofoam is bamboo. It is a biodegradable material and it is great to use disposable items. Therefore it will be best for the audience to use all those disposable plates, mugs, Food containers, and utensils. 

4. Number 1 Or 2 Recyclable Plastic

Besides that, if you are looking for better materials from Styrofoam then you can use the number 1 and number 2 recyclable plastic. Generally, the things made of plastic have recyclable numbers inside the item. Those numbers simply signify which kind of materials have been used or plastic has been used to make the products.

People will have to choose only those containers and disposable cups plates and dinnerware which have the number 1 plastic & number 2 recycle plastic. Subsequently, it also helps you to know how to live a zero waste lifestyle equally. 

5. Cornstarch based packaging

The last alternative thing that you can use in your daily life is cornstarch based packaging. It is always better than Styrofoam. All the materials are eco-friendly which is the best part of it. In addition, it is a direct substitute for Styrofoam and you can use all the plates, cups, mugs, containers, and many other things. 

Hence, we have covered all the things in this article about whether is Styrofoam recyclable or not. Rather we also cover all the Styrofoam recycling alternatives in detail to follow. 

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