Top 12 Best Sustainable Wallet Brands To Carry 

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Having a wallet in our hands and Pocket becomes nowadays a common fashion accessory for both men and women. Currently, people are looking for the best sustainable wallets not just for carrying personal things but also to give compliments to their own style.

Usually, people are looking for the best eco-friendly wallets which are made of Sustainable materials that do not home the planet. Most of the sustainable materials that are used to make wallets are recycled plastic, cactus leather, Organic cotton, and hemp. If you are looking for the best sustainable wallet brands name then check out our suggestion list in the upcoming paragraph. 

List Of 12 Best Sustainable Wallet Brands

People who are looking for the best sustainable wallet brands name can initially find out the best brand names in the below suggestions and the recycled wallet names too. 

Sustainable Wallet Brand for women

If you are a woman and looking for the best sustainable wallets for women only then this particular section is going to be very helpful to all of you ladies out there. Here we are going to mention the top best 6 brand names for purchasing eco-friendly and sustainable wallets for personal usage and to carry a stylish look equally. 

1. Svala

By using, the materials of vegan leather, recycled polyester, and vegan fabrics, the Svala brand Makes every wallet and handbag eco-friendly and sustainable. This particular brand is located in Los Angeles and helps the audiences to get their best sustainable wallets internationally as they are shipped all over.

This particular brand especially makes handbags only for ladies and Even they have the green signal from the animal welfare organization PETA for making fur-free sustainable bags. 

2. Tentree

Tantree uses all the climate-neutral certified, transparent supply chain, B Corporation, and Recycled materials to make wallets for women. This particular brand is situated in Canada and all over the whole world; they provide their services to get the best sustainable and eco-friendly wallets for women.

They used to take the help of all sustainable materials to make their products and equally return the materials to the environment. Their goal is to plant 1 billion trees by the year 2030 and till now they almost planted 5 crores and 80 lacs trees. 

3. Been

Another one of the best brands for purchasing eco-friendly and sustainable wallets for women is Been. By using all the eco-friendly and plant-based materials and by using transparent Supply chains along with recycled materials, they usually make their wallets for women. For Eco-friendly wallets, this particular brand is gaining popularity among the world along with women. 

4. Allégorie

Allegorie is another more popular brand that is known for making wallets for women with food waste. By using the materials like apple peels, Cactus leaves, recycled plastic, and mangoes, they have come with a huge collection of women’s wallets to purchase the best affordable and budget-friendly items to carry personal things. Even their brand is also certified by PETA for not using any toxic chemicals within sustainable wallets.

5. Able

If you are looking for one of the best sustainable wallet brands for women then able is the next destination for you to purchase the best wallets. They are using the laser as materials to produce a huge collection of handmade wallets for women. Not only that, they are also offering jobs to the people who are suffering from poor property cases. 

6. Nisolo

The last best brand name for women to purchase the best handmade wallets and handbags equally is Nisolo. They are using the materials like leather and Vegetable-tanned leather to compose bags for women. Not only that, they are also making vegan footwear for women equally. Without using any harmful chemicals and other materials they are providing a huge collection of eco-friendly and sustainable women’s wallets every year. 

Sustainable Wallet Brands for men

Now let’s look at some of the best and most popular brand names for men to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable wallets to carry personal things. 

1. Corkor

By using the materials like non Toxic dye, animal-based materials, and Biodegradable fabrics this particular brand Corkor is the best brand for making sustainable wallets for men. They are the best for producing vegan wallets without using toxic chemicals. Therefore, they have been certified by the PETA and their company is based in Portugal to start the services all over the whole world. 

2. Tree Tribe

Maximum of the time by using all the nature-friendly materials and by using animal plants the Tree tribe is One of the best brands for men to have a huge collection of sustainable wallets. Black company is situated in the United State of America and every year they are producing a huge number of bags or wallet made from recycled materials. 

3. Core Hemp

Another one of the top suggestions for all the men out there who are looking for the best sustainable wallets along with eco-friendly materials they can consider is the help of the core hemp brand. By using organic materials and vegan processes they produce nature-friendly and biodegradable hand wallets to carry personal things. 

4. Eco Slim

Subsequently, people who are only focusing on the materials of biodegradable and eco-friendly can take the help of this particular brand Eco slim to purchase the best wallets from their production. To make wallets for men they only used vegan leather and Plant-based dye. Decide that they never take the help of any kind of harmful chemicals and toxin leather which can harmful for the nature as well as for men too. 

5. Funky Kalakar

Do not forget to consider the help of the funky kalakar brand which is also known for making the best biodegradable and nature-friendly hand wallets for men. Besides that, they also make issues by using nature-friendly materials for men it working and they are also certified by PETA. 

6. Matt & Nat

And lastly, we will recommend all of you to go with this particular Matt and Nat brand. By using, all the recycled materials and a transparent Supply chain with vegan leather for men. With an affordable budget, every one of you can purchase the best quality wallet items.  


These are the best and top-rated sustainable wallet brands name that people can consider for them if they are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable wallets to purchase. 

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