Level Up Your Look with 18 Best Vegan Handbag Brands

Vegan handbag brands

Ever wondered, why vegan brands have got a push forward in Industry? 

From food to fashion, sustainability is no more a choice, rather it has become a necessity. In order to mend the damage we have done, it’s time that each of us switches to a sustainable way of living. That said, vegan brands are stepping up and taking responsibility. 

Just like them, we all want to play our part in saving the environment and adopting sustainability and what better way than ditching classic leather and adopting vegan leather? Vegan handbag brands manufacture quite classy and fashionable designs that will add up to your everyday looks, and of course, they have got to be eco-friendly handbag brands. 

But isn’t it a bit tough task to keep on scrolling and searching for the best brands, putting in your time and energy after a busy schedule? 

Well, for that, we have got your back. With extensive research and thorough comparison we have curated a list of the top 18 vegan handbag brands that have adopted the best sustainability practice and at the same time gives you a gorgeous, attention worthy look! 

Top 18 Best Vegan Handbag Brands


A brand that offers durability combined with its unique styling has got to be at the top of the list. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the linings of each bag is crafted out of recycled plastics whereas the outer design is made from high-grade polyurethane resin.

The brand has played with numerous fabrics to end up with such a leather-like line of vegan handbags collection that would keep on beautifying your wardrobe collection. 


More famous for a range of vegan products including clothing, accessories and vegan shoes, Sole Society is your end of the hunt if you are here for affordable vegan brands. The best part is. This purse brand has collections that are known to give you a classy look with a price tag of below $60.

The brand has its handbags lined up in several colours including tan, charcoal, slate and many more unique combinations. 


If you are the one whose a top priority is quality products with glamorous designs, HFS is one of those vegan handbag brands that has got your back. It produces sustainable handbags and supports the eradication of animal cruelty and unethical killings.

Apart from handbags, this brand manufactures hands-free belt bags that are perfectly appropriate if you are at work or run your day to day errands. The bags come in various colours and sizes and are dropped off with eco_friendly packaging


Located in New York, Gunas is one of the oldest companies that has been selling vegan shoes and handbags for the past ten years. This eco-friendly handbag brand products ensure no harm is done to animals in the process of formation of shoes and handbags.

They use recycled substances, canvas, and nylons as raw materials. Their products are available on their website online.

They have luxurious designer bags starting from totes to shoulder bags. If you want durable bags at an affordable price, then you must opt for Gunas.


One of the best vegan handbag brands hailing from Kerala, Malai is the reflection of its founders Susmith C, Suseela and Zuzana Gombosa and they constant thrive to adopt sustainable methods.

The sustainable handbags are made from biodegradable, flexible and biocompatible raw materials and give an in-hand feeling of real leather. It is durable and goes a long run.

When you can buy products that give you the feeling of leather, save your money and also save animals from cruelty and killing, then why not? This company also deals in footwear and other accessories.


If you are looking for sumptuous designer handbags but do not want to harm any other living beings in nature, go ahead with Stella McCartney. All the sustainable practices are kept in mind while preparing the products. This brand utilizes recycled materials instead of fur and skin as raw materials and still they manage to produce glamorous handbags which look like leather and snakeskin. 


Situated in the outskirts of Delhi, Aulive brand has creative, voguish, and qualitative designs that will steal your heart. This brand uses pleather and pineapple leaf fibre to create an illusion of 100% real leather. Pleather is a fabric made from plastic that has a resemblance to leather fabric.

This brand possesses a Pina collection which is created from pineapple leaf fibre and is completely biodegradable. You will get a wide range of colour choices and all types of bags including backpacks, trunks, messenger bags and handbags.


Pixie Mood is a brand that has quickly gained popularity in the world of fashion and accessories. Their line of bags boasts an array of trendy designs that are perfect for any occasion. But, what sets Pixie Mood apart from other bag brands? As a consumer, I can confidently say that their bags are not only stylish, but also practical and durable.

The materials used in their bags are all vegan and made with recycled plastic bottles, making them an eco-friendly option. The attention to detail in their designs is also a standout feature, with well-placed pockets and compartments for optimal organization.

Overall, I highly recommend Pixie Mood bags for those in search of a high-quality, fashionable, and earth-friendly accessory.


Zouk is an Indian brand that shows diversifying Indian culture through its bags. It advises to “Carry responsibly” indicating people to be sensitive about animal cruelty and understand their rights. It supplies a wide variety of bags like office bags, Laptop bags, Sling bags, tote bags, hobo bags, handbags, and shoulder bags.

The main aim of establishing this company was to collaborate with different craftsmanship with modern-day techniques through various designs. This brand provides biodegradable bags and does not harm any animals in the process.


The brand that combines creativity with ethics is Arture. It is one of the top-ranking companies in vegan leather products. They follow eco-friendly procedures at each and every step.

It uses cork as an alternative to animal skin. Cork not just provides the look of leather, rather it gives the fabric long durability and makes it anti-fungal, water-resistant, strong, flexible and lightweight. Isn’t this what we all need?


The company has its base location in New York and manufactures luxury handbags. This brand holds on to its ethics as a tree holds on to its roots. It focuses on reducing waste, which many in the fashion industry fail to do.

They not only prepare qualitative synthetic leather but also makes it available at a much more affordable. They specifically produce eye-catching designs of bucket bags, pouches and saddle bags. Angela Roi supports animals all over the world.


Lulu Dharma is one of the rare eco-friendly handbag brands that guarantee a hundred per cent sustainable handbag. They do not use any animal product or their byproducts.

Well if you are a person who is looking for a vegan alternative and still doesn’t know where to go, well then this is the best alternative.

This company brings you absolutely stunning cruelty-free pebbled leather bags. Moreover, they focus on hand-woven synthetic leather to prepare soft and comfortable. These bags are also immensely spacious.


Vraj Bhoomi is a company that has a collection inspired by the traditional art of Ajrakh. This art form originated in Sindh and migrated from Sindh to Kutch.

Though this art form was practiced back in the 16th century, its complex process of symmetric geometric patterns has survived to date. Along with the culture, they also aim at conserving animals and their rights. Their products are vegan and provided and the company is PETA certified.


Though they have good quality vegan handbags, the brand is famous for vegan crossbody bags. The company is an old player in Vegan goods production. All its production methods are cruelty-free and ethical. Even the professional work culture of the company sees to the fact that all the animal rights are maintained and practiced.

The company has a wide range of bags, starting from yoga bags to briefcases. They use sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials to manufacture their products.


People who suffer just by thinking about animal cruelty and want to follow a vegan lifestyle where no other animal’s life is at risk, well you are at the right place. This brand targets luxury but in an environment-friendly manner.

Its designs are a mirror of the thought process that they have and the cause they stand for. This brand is affiliated with PETA India. They use faux leather as an alternative to actual leather. The company is verified and authorized by CLRI (Central Leather Research Institute).


Broke Mate is yet another from the list of vegan handbag brands that are PETA verified and acknowledged. Cruelty towards animals needs a proper check. We should opt for eco-friendly and vegan options if we can, at least for the clothes we wear and the accessories that we use. This firm is very passionate about manufacturing sustainable clothes and handbags. Moreover, they produce spacious, functional, fashionable and gorgeous bags at an affordable price.


Hozen works toward providing its customer with a vegan lifestyle and the luxury to use fashionable handbags. It uses premium quality upcycled and organic material. If you have got a craze for Italian man-made leather, they have got it for you.

Purses of this company are both practical and vibrant. More importantly, they donate 10% of any purchase that you make to a non-profit organization known as Mercy for animals.


The company produces totes, wallets, and handbags in different gorgeous colours and exclusive patterns. Any animal lover out there will love this brand as their products are super classy and on top of that it is animal cruelty-free.

The organisation also supports women’s empowerment apart from animal welfare. They prepare creative pieces inspired by Asian productions. The bags are of high quality, functional and practical.

Wrapping It Up

It is our sole responsibility to protect our nature and to do so, we must take baby steps by switching to products that have been extracted considering the effect it can cause on the environment.

From small steps like using a bamboo toothbrush, we can soon be able to take huge steps like planning an eco-friendly wedding.  The above-mentioned vegan handbag brands will definitely put up your existing handbag collection. Stick to the list and bring an awesome collection to your wardrobe. 

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