14 Effective Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Environment lovers couples are leaving no stone unturned to make their wedding a unique eco-friendly wedding. If you hold a smooth corner for nature, showcase it in front of the world and make your wedding more memorable.

These types of marriages are not unappealing and dull. You will similarly enjoy them as you enjoy traditional weddings. Make your wedding more sustainable and merrier amid nature.

Reflect on yourself as a nature-loving couple that includes your values, style, and love story. And the best way to make this type of wedding fruitful is to hire like-minded vendors and decorators. The couple needs to go through various challenges to make this wedding happen, but a true nature lover doesn’t hesitate from any challenge.

Make your wedding a trending one along with the sustainability. Bid goodbye to big fat Indian weddings and opt for zero waste weddings, as there is no wastage in these types of weddings. With proper planning, enjoy the most beautiful celebration with reduced waste. Please read the article to know about it in detail.

What is an Eco-friendly Wedding

A wedding is meant to be a great occasion of your life, but with excess food thrown away, scattered papers, and leftovers dumped in the garbage, it could make your wedding a wasteful wedding.

So, to avoid all this wastage and to make your wedding more eco-conscious, you need to adopt zero-waste wedding India. 

Environment-friendly weddings are all about lowering the harmful effect of weddings on a beautiful environment. These types of weddings reduce the risk of carbon footprint and make it more joyous. This type of wedding means selecting reusable decor and biodegradable materials and choosing sustainable flowers to maintain things more ecologically.

Ideas for an Eco-friendly Wedding

Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

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Planning a greener wedding is not such a tedious and strenuous task, as nowadays, there are several ideas to celebrate a sustainable wedding. These ideas range from greener options of catering to environment-friendly decorations and much more.

If you are eco-conscious and desire to throw a green wedding, here are some ideas that would inspire you to do some beneficial activities for the environment on your big day.

Organic decor items 

Many couples are going for attractive eco-friendly products. You can use display boards and select handwritten chalkboard signs that could be reusable. Make use of wooden chairs or a green sofa to refurbish old furniture to create a gorgeous photo booth set.

Hire local vendors

Hiring local vendors is the best option to maintain sustainable living so that the wedding ceremony seems to be very casual. You can allow your friends or relatives to bake cakes, and that would be fantastic. This activity would increase the influence rate and lower purchases—a tremendous eco-friendly practice.

Use flowers & colorful papers for decoration

To have thousands of flowers from another country to decorate your wedding venue would not be considered an eco-friendly decision. Make use of in-season and local flowers and avoid wastage. You can even use colorful papers, which would be a great source of eco-friendly means. Go for potted plants that can reuse.

Manage food waste appropriately.

A big fat Indian wedding includes leftovers, and the buffet system acts as a big offender. Leftover food is dumped into the trash, and to avoid this, go for plated dinners and converse with your caterer. You can even donate leftover food to a homeless shelter, but make sure it’s packed properly.

Eco-friendly gifts

There are various ways to go greener and make your wedding more eco-friendly. You can gift seeds as it would also save money by going greenOr, gift potted plants or herbs as wedding gifts to your guests. Giving locally grown honey or coffee could also be a great option to maintain a zero-waste wedding. 

Wear sustainable dresses

Everyone spends lots of money to buy expensive clothes, but now let’s start an activity that would help future generations to experience a quality and simple life. Rather than walk in a costly dress, walk in your mother’s wedding dress, a great way to maintain an eco-friendly wedding. This activity would help you to save various resources.

Eco-friendly wedding ring

Switch over to an eco-friendly ring that offers less environmental impact and go vintage. Instead of going over to your jeweler, consider recycling a beautiful ring that would act as a unique item. You can even create a ring out of leaves or set up an existing diamond into a new brand.

Organic makeup products

To opt for eco-friendly makeup for your wedding functions would be an effective way to lessen waste and harmful impacts. Organic makeup products don’t use harsh chemicals like ILIA makeup items, Tarte makeup products, and many more. These makeup products are safe and would last for a longer duration.

Day wedding 

Day wedding is considered to be the best option and acts as a way to save the environmentOn the day of the wedding, natural lighting is there, and with bright daylight, everything seems to look so beautiful. It allows less wastage of everything, and only flower decoration would make your wedding stunning.

Add tree plantation in a wedding

Another way to make your wedding a zero-waste wedding, add tree planting to celebrate your auspicious day. This activity is a must as trees offer various advantages to the environment, and it is a lovely gesture to thank mother Earth.

Use a digital medium for an invitation.

Opt for a digital medium for sending wedding invites and add importance to environmental protection. Design a wedding website that would give every detail of wedding functions or send e-invites to your guests via email or Whatsapp. You can even opt for seed paper invites. Make sure to type a personalized message. It would greatly help in managing the environment.

Book environmental friendly venue for wedding

Pick an environmentally-friendly venue for your zero-waste wedding in India. would be a beneficial idea, Book a place that takes sustainability very seriously and choose natural things that are available at the venue. Use a tree as a mandap or use greenery to design a bar.

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Eco-friendly favors

Give eco-friendly and delicious flavors, and it is the best favor. Go for local vendors’ snacks to support your Environment-friendly wedding. A considerable number of couples are opting for this edible favors activity. Select environmentally friendly favors such as donations for orphans, succulents.

Green cracker

Crackers act as the primary source of happiness at weddings. But, it would lead to several health hazards. So, use green crackers or the best way would be to use flowers. Instead of crackers, select a flower shower as it would be used as compost.


It is a beautiful moment if you consider planning an eco-friendly wedding and are on the right path. It’s your pure intentions and efforts that will make it fruitful. Ensure that recycled wedding things are just passed onto the next bride to maintain the green ball.

Please put all your efforts, showcase your results to the next merry couple, and encourage them to plan a zero-waste wedding in India. 

So, check for some eco-friendly wedding ideas and incorporate them in your wedding nuptials and feel the magic. Do something better for the environment, and after this, you will be proud of your wedding. Enjoy a sense of pleasure when you realize that your wedding celebration has not harmed the environment.

These tips are the best ways to make your wedding lively and merrier. Make your wedding more unique and stylish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are weddings bad for the environment?

An average wedding seems terrible for the environment as it causes lots of trouble like wastage of food, burning of crackers, leftover flowers dumped into the trash, and much more. So, eco-green weddings could save all these things to some extent and make the environment lively.

Q2. How can I make my wedding plastic-free?

Plastic could be a very harmful component for the environment, so it is citizens’ responsibility to use less plastic, especially at weddings. Here are some tips that will tell how to make a wedding plastic-free:-
● Come in contact with the correct vendors who provide recyclable containers.
● Switch to reusable cups and straws.
● Shop plastic or polyester-free dresses.
● Bid goodbye to plastic bags and use reusable bags.
● Exchange gifts in reusable bags.

Q3. How do I plan an eco-friendly wedding?

Eco-friendly weddings are the best way to protect the environment from various harmful things and lessen carbon emissions. Let’s talk about some planning tips for Environment-friendly weddings:-
● Purchase eco-friendly wedding rings.
● Prevent the use of plastics.
● Donate leftover food and flowers.
● Select caterers that provide support to local farmers.
● Select potted plants for decoration.
● Make use of wooden chairs.
● Make use of reusable board signs.
● Buy sustainable dresses.

Q4. How much do wedding planners charge in India?

To manage zero waste weddings, wedding planners in India charge between 2-6 lakhs, based on their expertise and fame. Besides this, it also depends upon the wedding budget or on the venue.

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