Best Compost Bins for Home | How to Use Compost Bins

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Green environment – the most essential part of nature. If you are not able to sustain the environment, you can’t support yourself. The environment is a common thing that everyone shares, and you must pay the debt of nature.

Make sure to show some attention to the importance of environmental protection as a pollution-free environment is very refreshing and rejuvenating. So, nurture nature and offer a better future to coming generations. The best way to protect the environment is to collect all leftover garden waste and other organic wastes.

Composting is considered a natural way to recycle various yard and food products and offers an opportunity to protect the environment to a great extent.

To build and maintain a compost pile is the most straightforward way to become a gardener. Moreover, you can grow your food, and viewing eggshells and grass clippings would help you learn about healthy soil.

As it is said, everything starts from home, so composting also starts from home with proper maintenance. For this activity, you require exotic smart bins for your home to make your backyard more excellent.

What are Compost & Compost bins?

What are Compost & Compost bins

Well, compost is an umbrella term that describes the process of organic material recycling. In other words, compost is mainly what you get whenever organic material such as leaves, scraps, and animal wastes decompose correctly.

A dirt-like material enriched with nutrients dramatically helps in improving growth and enriches the soil with proper nutrients. However, this process takes time; it could speed it up by creating an ideal environment that suits the process via eco-friendly means—moreover, used as a natural fertilizer to provide sustainability.

To turn your organic material into compost, you need compost bins: compost bins – a unique way to hasten organic matter’s decomposition via proper moisture retention and aeration.

Various organic waste bins are continuous – you can add waste to them, while others create compost batches and a mixture of ingredients and add them all at once. It truly help to convert biodegradable waste into organic manure and portray how to live a zero-waste lifestyle

Types of compost bins

Types of Compost bins

There are several types of compost bins used as tumbling composters or holding units. Homemade tumblers provide finished compost along with well-maintained contents faster than bins. But, both bins and tumblers are good choices when it comes to organic waste recycling.

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Different types of compost bins are available along with varying uses, but its setting depicts its efficiency. Now, to know more exciting things, let’s discuss various types of compost bins.

Plastic stationery compost bins

  • Use this type of compost bin to perform regular composting, the bin includes some holes or air vents on chosen parts.
  • These holes offer proper ventilation and some have doors or slides so that they could be easily accessed by hands.
  • Provides the opportunity to mix the contents manually.

Rotating or tumbling compost bins

  • This type of bin is beneficial as it produces compost as quickly as 5 weeks.
  • Just rotate or give it a roll rather than manual mixing.
  • But, you need to wait for the first round of compost to complete before stuffing it with another new batch.


  • The base of this bin is dug into the ground that permits various worms to digest compost material.
  • Most beneficial to people who desire to clear off kitchen waste hassle-free and enrich surrounding soil.
  • Can grab every type of food waste including cooked food and avoids the risk of carbon footprint.

Wooden compost bins

  • Easy and cheap to construct that comes in a reasonable size.
  • Ideal to compost huge amounts of material.
  • Easy to take around in the garden.

Advantages of compost bins

Compost bins provide tremendous advantages to living a sustainable life and are not only limited to your backyard. Apart from offering a good fertilizer for your lawn, it acts as the best option to lessen the garbage amount. It is an essential step to take by homeowners and gardeners as it would lead to a bright and greener future. Let’s have a deep look into its advantages:-

Improves soil

Most people don’t start with good soil, and to make the soil good and fluffy organic fertilizer bins are necessary. Compost designed inside these bins would enhance soil’s fertility, texture, and water holding capacity.

Due to this activity, your soil would become ideal for growing plants. Typically to improve soil’s fertility one more best thing you can use is compost spreader.

Provision of balanced plant nutrients

The soil requires nutrient replenishment to maintain its productivity and richness, but it would take some months. It would balance plant nutrients just as your plants need. Besides this, compost microorganisms would also help in nutrient absorption from fertilizers properly.

Beneficial organism stimulation

Compost comes with all types of soil fauna and microorganisms that easily convert soil nutrients to your plants—compost materials like vitamins, enzymes, and microorganisms to prevent any damage to your plant. At the same time, some organisms and earthworms dig via soil so that water and air reach plant roots.

Reduces soil erosion

Compost acts as a very beneficial substance for plants growth and maintains the growth of plants and trees. Moreover, it avoids soil erosion near water, on the roadside, on hills, and in playing fields. These bins help in lessening pollution as it keeps landfills free from various organic matter.

How to use compost bins

Compost bins for home come in different sizes and that too within a reasonable range. Household produces lots of waste every year that requires composting, as this would benefit your garden in several ways.

To use best organic fertilizer bins is pretty straightforward, but for that, you should keep it at the right place and proper material combination. Let’s look into some points of how to use compost bins.

  • Firstly, search for a perfect place to keep it. Ensure that it should be kept on bare soil so worms can create a passage.
  • If the compost bin is placed over some solid surface, spread a moist and fresh layer of soil or spread some compost in the bottom.
  • Then, fill up the bins with biodegradable items but avoid fish, meat, or cooked food.
  • An ideal biodegradable thing takes almost 6 months to break down into beneficial compost.
  • For this activity, it is beneficial to have two compost bins – one that gets stuffed with new waste, while the other one provides you with compost.
  • Now, the compost is ready to use whenever the material has turned into crumbly and dark material that offers a fresh smell.
  • This compost would provide essential nutrients that improve garden flowers and vegetables.

Best compost bins for home in India

Compost bins offer sustainable living along with nutrient-rich soil that is ideal for gardens. One of the beneficial points of organic fertilizer bins is that it encourages you to switch over biodegradable waste into organic manure.

Compost enhances soil’s vitality and makes it rich in every essential nutrient. Here is the list of perfect compost bins for a home that would make your garden more productive.

Trust Basket Compost Bins

  • A type of compost bin created to convert kitchen food waste into useful fertilizers, and it takes almost 4-6 weeks to convert waste into compost.
  • This type of bin is reusable and could remain for up to 10 years on proper maintenance.
  • The bin saves more space and consist of instruction guide, compost bin, and bokashi compost maker.
  • Moreover, this compost bin doesn’t produce any type of foul smell.

Smart bin air

  • A perfect bin that converts food waste into fertile and healthy soil.
  • It prevents the waste against rotting and transforms it into good quality compost.
  • Provides flow of air due to the aerobic composting process.
  • Is cylindrical in shape and is very simple compost bin for home.

Surprise Organic Waste compost bins

  • Properly designed to fit in any small balcony, terrace, or in any corner of the kitchen in your home.
  • It includes two lids, two filters, two buckets along with handle, two taps, two coco peat brick, two ezymix compost maker powder.
  • Provides rapid composting along with great retention of nutrients.
  • Enables comfort to you to start composting at home easily.
  • Don’t produce any type of bad odor just due to the anaerobic process.

Green Gardenia

Green Gardenia Green Bin with Plastic Liner- Compost Bin -Rust Proof and Leak Proof - Built Tough to...
Green Gardenia Green Bin with Plastic Liner- Compost Bin -Rust Proof and Leak Proof - Built Tough to...
Easily wash with warm soapy water.; Package Contents: 1 GI-Metal Bin & 1 Plastic Liner (Bucket)
  • Ideal for converting food waste into beneficial manure and making full use of it.
  • Simple to lift and designed from polypropylene.
  • This type of compost bin for home works on aerobic processes.
  • These types of bins can be taken into use as row composters in homes along with outdoor space.

Mysa Polyethylene Composter

  • Designed from bamboo fiber and withstands moisture to a great extent from water.
  • This compost bin comes with an odor-reducing charcoal filter that only lasts for two months.
  • So small that it can be placed in any corner of your home.

Biocare compost bin

  • Designed with 100% recycled material, and includes proper insulation to make up quick compost.
  • This bin includes a locking lid that would keep pests out of it along with small slots that ensure fast breakdown.
  • Just open up the sliding doors and remove the compost easily.
  • Get rich soil within eight weeks and helps in breaking down of waste.

Bio drops BOKASHI Bucket Indoor Composter

Material: unbreakable Plastic, Color: White & Green; Convert waste to compost; No foul smell,No pests,No worms
Amazon Prime
  • Ideal for dry waste papers and designed with good quality plastic.
  • Offers high strength along with push and swing lid design.


Compost bins act as a significant way to save the environment as they would give you benefits and humus-rich soil. Encourage others also to make use of compost bins and prevent the increment of pollution.

It is the responsibility of citizens to maintain the environment and to make it more aesthetic. You can even make compost bins at home or can also buy from online or offline markets. Just think about it and start to pursue this to reduce kitchen waste.

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