List of 15 Eco-Friendly best bamboo toothbrushes in India

List Of 15 Eco-Friendly Best Bamboo Toothbrushes in India

Are you inspired by the current fame of environmentally friendly alternatives? Are you in search of a simple way to lower the carbon footprint caused by plastic? The very simple way to take part in eco-friendly initiation is to switch from plastic toothbrushes to bamboo toothbrushes.

It is considered that the consumption of plastic toothbrushes across the world is around 28 billion every year. And these toothbrushes clutter into landfills and stay in the ecosystem as plastic takes years to decompose.

Due to this reason bamboo toothbrushes have gained fame. They show no harmful impact to the environment due to their biodegradable nature and highlight how to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

Designed with natural wood and safe for health, and are not able to break easily. As they are made up of wood, these eco-friendly toothbrushes are not so hard, so no need to worry about hurting gums. Let’s quickly dive into the best bamboo toothbrushes in India.

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Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes In India

Several types of bamboo toothbrushes are available that make your life sustainable. But, before heading towards the list of best bamboo toothbrushes in India, let’s have a peep in oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene is equally essential for your health, and you should take oral care by availing the best oral products. It is a better decision to give up the use of plastic toothbrushes, as there are huge benefits of organic toothbrushes. Make a lifestyle change, and save nature with your effort.

Rusabl Bamboo Toothbrush

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Rusabl Bamboo Toothbrush

The best bamboo toothbrushes in India and simple to use. Toothbrushes bristles are soft on gums and stuffed with activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal has various benefits like antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial to give protection to the mouth. Helps in keeping the mouth fresh and clean and lasts for a long time.

Used in the same manner as a plastic toothbrush, just apply the paste and brush your teeth. Then after using it, wash properly, clean too much water, and allow it to get dry. The main advantage of this eco-friendly toothbrush is it does not include any harmful chemicals.

Terra Brush

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Terra brush (bamboo toothbrush)

It’s not difficult to go towards a healthy life. It is easy to take small steps towards this sustainable way of living by choosing a bamboo toothbrush.

The Terra Brush is easy to handle as it is easy to grab during brushing. It is the best eco-friendly product and includes bristles of varying colors like yellow, green, and pink.

Terrabrush is mainly designed by dentists, so you would get the best product. It is advisable to change the toothbrush every three months, so a pack of 4 is required that can be easily gotten from Amazon.

An economically sustainable toothbrush that can last for one whole year, and acts as the most durable and strong toothbrush.

Eco365 bamboo toothbrush

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ECO365 Bamboo Toothbrush

If you are searching for bamboo toothbrushes along with an infusion of charcoal bristles, Eco365 bamboo toothbrushes are the best option to buy.

Handle design permits simple identification marks in the family. Due to activated charcoal infusion, toothbrushes’ bristles can maintain perfect oral hygiene.

One of the main benefits of this toothbrush is that it doesn’t have any plastic and the packaging is plastic-free. Designed by using natural bamboo and includes antimicrobial properties.

These natural toothbrushes do not cause any harm to gums and move swiftly between the gaps. But, remember to store these eco-friendly toothbrushes in a dry area so that no harm is caused to the texture of natural bamboo.


A great alternative to plastic toothbrushes that are discarded every year. Nicobar bamboo toothbrushes are of high quality and are easy to handle and are purely made from organic bamboo. On this bamboo, no use of fertilizers or pesticides has ever been done.

While its bristles are created with 61% castor bean oil and 37% nylon that are biobased, but not fully biodegradable. It is advised to rinse the toothbrush frequently to prevent any damage. Make sure to dry it after use and don’t keep the toothbrush in a wet area.

Almitra Sustainable

Almitra Sustainable

Almitra sustainable bamboo toothbrush, specially designed to maintain oral hygiene, especially for children. Purely made up of bamboo and has antimicrobial properties and is biodegradable. Bristles of toothbrushes come softly on sensitive teeth and make them clean.

Also approved by the food and drug association, that makes it a product for sustainable living. Helps in making your teeth beautiful and whiten due to charcoal-infused bristles. Remember to change the toothbrush every two months and store it in a properly ventilated area.

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Brush with Bamboo

A bamboo toothbrush acts as a family pack and is the main source of environment-conscious selection. Contains a biodegradable handle created with pure bamboo.

Bristles of this toothbrush are soft, created with a mixture of tea plants, bamboo, and nylon, that is recyclable. Packaging of the toothbrush is also recyclable and lasts for a long time.


Natural Bamboo Toothbrush - WowE

Wowe bamboo toothbrush have become an excellent option to keep the environment clean, and the first choice for eco-friendly persons.

It is available on Amazon in a pack of 4 that would last for one year. Its handle is biodegradable and handy. Bristles of the biodegradable toothbrush are designed with good quality nylon and are soft. It is free from plastic packaging and is also water-resistant.

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Eco Buddy

EcoBuddy Bamboo Toothbrush

Ecobuddy bamboo toothbrush, an antibacterial toothbrush with natural biodegradable bamboo with an attractive design. Serves in maintaining proper oral hygiene and healthy gums with ease of use. Extra soft bristles of this toothbrush protect the gums from scratching or bleeding and allow you to brush teeth safely.

Also shows the property of cleansing as it can remove dark stains very easily and brightens the teeth. Easily disposed of without causing any harm to the environment, and you can grab this super awesome toothbrush on Amazon.

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Zeco Activated Charcoal

Zeco Activated Charcoal bamboo toothbrush

Not every toothbrush has a perfect shape during handling. However, the S shape of zero-activated charcoal toothbrushes makes them comfortable to use.

The handle doesn’t have any splinters and is very smooth, and the toothbrush’s bristles are designed from good material – charcoal-activated nylon. The best advantage of this natural toothbrushes is that bristles are recycled, which makes it the best bamboo toothbrushes in India.

Bristles of this toothbrush act as an ideal part for sensitive gums and are easily disposable after use. You just need to pluck off the bristles and dispose of them whenever you desire to discard them.

This organic toothbrush can remove the stains effectively. For excellent results, head over to this brush. Bristle’s softness helps in keeping gums healthy by avoiding blood and can also be used to clean the tongue.

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WOODYKRAFT Biodegradable, Eco friendly Adult Bamboo Toothbrush

A pack that contains two bamboo toothbrushes – one toothbrush includes charcoal bristles while the other toothbrush includes white bristles. Every Woodykraft bamboo toothbrush enables proper cleaning and eco-friendly means dental care.

This toothbrush is not able to get affected by germs due to its antibacterial property. Also includes an antimicrobial property that prevents germs from setting on the toothbrush’s surface.

This toothbrush’s bristles are 2 – 3 times denser and soft as compared to other toothbrushes. The handle of the toothbrush is splinter-free and durable and cleans up the teeth without causing any harm to them. And effectively get rid of plaque. It is strongly advised to switch your toothbrush every 3 months to remain healthy.

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Mirakia Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Select a toothbrush that seems to be cute and best for children. This toothbrush is the perfect size for your child and can fit into the mouth for the best cleaning. These brushes are 6 inches long and are suitable for children to use.

Acts as the best bamboo toothbrush in India specially for children. Also serves as the first step in teaching kids about healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Charcoal-infused bristles go easy on the gums of the kids and give protection to their teeth against plaque. The basic advantage is that no chemical or plastic material is used for designing toothbrushes that are safe for kids. Available at very affordable rates at Amazon, and attracts children as it contains lovely designs of animals.

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Solimo Soft

Solimo Bamboo Toothbrush

Design and shape can greatly affect the effectiveness of these toothbrushes. However, due to their sophisticated design, it becomes hard to get over those areas in the mouth.

Every brush in the set comes with a unique identification mark if you purchase for the whole family. Designed from biodegradable bamboo and are effective and affordable.

Soft bristles go gently on gum and enamel and contain a unique green color to grab the attention of kids and encourage them to use eco-friendly products. Another benefit of this toothbrush is that its handle is replaceable with another handle for proper sustainability.

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Big Blue Marble

Bigbluemarble, Round Handle Bamboo Toothbrush

Many people wonder if bamboo toothbrushes are not able to offer the same qualities as plastic toothbrushes. However, this is not true as the bristles don’t shed off, just like plastic toothbrushes.

A perfect example of durability and sturdiness for your family. Perfectly suitable for kids just like adults, and easy for kids to handle due to a well-rounded design. Also available in varying colors for kids and makes it easy for every kid to identify their toothbrush.

Start teaching your kids about the importance of eco-friendly products by buying these toothbrushes.

Comes with whitening benefits along with charcoal-infused bristles, and helps in cleaning up off teeth and gums to retain a sparkling smile. It comes with antibacterial properties. The handle of this toothbrush is fungus resistant so there is no need to dry it after every use.

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SavSea Bamboo Toothbrush

SavSea Bamboo toothbrush

These bamboo toothbrushes meet your requirements due to their shape and design. The Head of this toothbrush is slim along with thin bristles and can clean areas among gaps in teeth.

One of the best bamboo toothbrushes in India that offers a comfortable grip and also has no relation with harmful chemicals.

A pure environmentally friendly product that comes in plastic-free packaging, and it seems to be very economical and saves the planet effectively.

It does not cause any harm if you ignore the cap as it naturally protects the surface, due to its antimicrobial properties. There is nothing that can beat bamboo toothbrushes.

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Colgate bamboo charcoal toothbrush

Colgate, a very famous brand for oral hygiene. Colgate bamboo charcoal toothbrush has become one of the best bamboo toothbrushes in India and day by day becoming more popular.

It Has a special feature of a wide handle to give a comfortable grip, and the handles of the toothbrush have a coating of beeswax to prevent water absorption and claim its long life.

Varying colors of toothbrushes ‘ bristles help in easy identification. Bristles are slim and can offer gentle and deep cleaning. Created with pure biodegradable bamboo, therefore, acts as a great option for eco-friendly shoppers. Packaging of the toothbrush seems to be recyclable, yet another advantage.


Time has come to switch over to more renewable and sustainable products if you truly want to save the planet. By choosing bamboo toothbrushes, you will only get to know ways to save the environment and also can lower harmful emissions.

Apart from this, these bamboo toothbrushes are healthier than plastic toothbrushes, as they are made up of bamboo that includes various natural properties. They offer the best services and are also cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a bamboo toothbrush better than plastic?

Of course, a bamboo toothbrush is far better than a plastic one, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals in its body and does not cause any harm to the environment.

Q2. How heavy is a bamboo toothbrush?

With varying brands, the weight of the bamboo toothbrush keeps on varying, but it almost weighs around 60 grams and not more than that.

Q3. What are the bristles on bamboo toothbrushes made of?

Bamboo toothbrushes bristles are made up of nylon, boar hair, and activated charcoal. However, it depends on varying brands.

Q4. Can you boil a bamboo toothbrush?

Of course, boiling the bamboo toothbrush is considered as a cleaning method so that it can become disinfected and for further use.

Q5. How often should you change your bamboo toothbrush?

It seems to be a better option to replace your bamboo toothbrush as frequently as you can, but it is recommended to change it every three months.

Q6. How do you clean a bamboo toothbrush?

The best way to clean a bamboo toothbrush is to wash it properly so that bacteria growth can’t happen. Then dry it with an absorbing washcloth.

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