Creative Recycling Bins : How Colour Coded Bins Help to Encourage Recycling

Creative Recycling Bins How Colour Coded Bins Help To Encourage Recycling

With the increasing demand for every recycled product, there is an increase in demand for trash bins that act eco-friendly and gather stale trash for a more extended period. Every house consists of one trash bin and dramatically helps in environmental protection

Nowadays, Creative Recycling Bins come up with the latest technology along with eco-friendly advantages. These new types of trash bins collect and segregate the trash very easy. You can avail these smart bins laden with the latest technology and eco-friendly advantage in markets. 

As the outdoor environment depicts beautiful textures and colours, it is the right time to consider sustainability and adopt eco-friendly practices. Your decision to go green can significantly impact the world around you, in today’s generation, and for the coming generation.

There are many things to do this year to make your home’s recycling process as efficient as possible. While searching for it, you can design some beautiful recycling projects from various items you are planning to abandon. 

Let’s dive into some innovative waste bins that greatly help promote the recycling process at your homes. These new technology bins are not so easy to ignore, and as they are eco-friendly, they make the surroundings clean.

How colour-coded bins help to encourage recycling

Everyone is aware of the importance of recycling – be it at home, at work, or in an outside environment. It is the responsibility of every individual to lower the waste amount in landfills.

However, to recycle the waste properly, there must be proper recycling facilities. For various businesses that want to become more sustainable and reduce the amount of landfill waste, innovative waste bins are a must. 

Colour coding helps in the easy differentiation of waste by putting them into different categories, and each type of waste is depicted with a colour code. So, if you desire an efficient waste management systemthen this step acts as primary. Let’s look at how colour-coded bins help in the easy recycling of waste and what type of materials can be recycled.

What can be recycled

Nowadays, every type of item recycling is possible, like batteries, electrical items, and various cans. According to a search, about 16 million plastic bottles are used every day but not recycled every day.

The list of recycling items is vast, but there are a lot of items that can’t be recycled. Items that are not recycled include sticky papers that get dirty, foil packets, and many more. So, it becomes crucial to know what items can or cannot be dumped into trash cans.

Colour coding for the proper recycling process

If you want to separate waste, then colour-coded trash cans help distinguish bins – which bins are used for which type of waste. However, the colours used for varying types of recycling can differ; here are some colour-coded trash cans mainly used for:-


  • This includes infectious waste, pathological waste, clinical lab waste, medical chemical waste, and pharmaceutical waste.
  • In case of liquid waste, you require a separate collection system.


  • This includes contaminated waste and plastic packaging.
  • Red colored trash bins are the best trick for waste collection.


  • This type of bin contains medical glassware waste.
  • These types of bins are capable of cutting wounds.


  • This includes glass jars and bottles.

Extra benefits of color coding

Color coding is a very easy way of segregation. Due to this process, it has become inevitably easy in:-

  • Reduction of waste quantity that requires special handling treatment.
  • Prevention of various types of wastes for illegal purposes.
  • Provision of more opportunities of recycling waste.

Apart from environment protection, you also avoid yourself from getting fined for illegal waste disposal, and also avoid hazardous practices around your surroundings. 

Need for color coding

Color coding system is not only for your comfort, it also exhibits the principle that all waste doesn’t go to one place only. Varying types of wastes also means to handle it with varying types of methods. It is crucial to hazardous medical waste from other kinds of wastes, and can be processed safely. Nowadays, more advanced and practical ways have arisen to handle the landfill process. Moreover, the activity provides you a way of living a zero waste lifestyle.

12 smart bins are designed to promote the recycling

Responsibility not only ends with waste dumping into a trash can, you need to think of future generations and then lead the process of living a sustainable life. Just think about the consequences of too much waste, and keep a check if waste is recycled properly. Going green not only stops waste accumulation but also helps to clean up the waste. Here is the list of some creative recycling bins that promote recycling.

1. E-bin

  • E-bin, a very unique type designed to advise if a dumped item is recyclable, or the trash can is full, where it is located, and gives information to recycling companies to empty it.
  • Designed from vacuum formed carbon fibre acts as a strong, lightweight, and durable type of trash bin.
  • Greatly protected with password and is able to recharge its touchscreen through solar energy. 

2. Ovetto recycling bin 

  • Ovetto recycling bin, a true innovative waste bin and is completely designed with polypropylene, and eagerly waiting to break out into the market.
  • Includes a huge space of around 18 litre capacity and contains various openings on top to collect in waste.
  • This advanced trash bin goes well with the beauty of surroundings and proves to be an intelligent decision.

3. Neo recycling bin

  • Neo recycling bin, a type of bin that today’s generation requires, and it also gives instructions to its users.
  • It distinguishes garbage into trash, electronic, compost, and electronic items through sensors and color codes.
  • Turntable below the bin allows access to every chamber.

4. Ecomod

  • Ecomod, a type of smart bin and includes a royal look and offers eco-friendly advantages.
  • The design of the bin is able to separate plastic, paper, and aluminium and greatly offers an eco-friendly environment.
  • Able to crush waste with modern technique to ensure proper waste storage. 

5. Ribe

  • Ribe, a building block and compact trash bin, is the most special as it is able to attach with other bins to form a row of bins, and holds too much waste.
  • The bin can hold upto 400 beakers and cups in two slots and able to store straws and sticks in the third slot.
  • Two big compartments among two wood frames completes this wonderful bin. It measures upto 50*36*85 cm and enhances the beauty of the place.

6. Braun envi

  • Braun envi, a modern and elegant trash bin, designed by professional industrial workers, and can be used in public places.
  • A wonderful creative recycling bin includes in-built bio-reactive property that is able to catalyze organic trash into fertile one.
  • Besides this, it makes sure of less bad odor and stench.

7. Mode all-in-one

  • The creative bin depicts the look of a vault, but it includes something important property that can recycle waste.
  • The bin includes a mechanical compactor that easily crushes plastic bottles and cans and a lid to separate glass.
  • It also includes a paper bin to store old newspapers. Just set the reminder for recycling and it’s done.

8. Minus:frozen junk

  • Minus: frozen junk, a modern form of trash bin with advanced technology, and designed by a Turkish designer.
  • Helps in relieving from the problems like stenching and bad smell, and lowers the production of fungus and bacteria due to waste.
  • Prevents decay of wastes as it keeps the waste cold, and the cooling system of the bin delays food decomposition.

9. The slam dunk

  • The slam dunk bin, designed by Elmer’s Glue, is a very great initiative to make the surroundings clean.
  • Has a look of a basketball court with an open net, and can be taken in use in public places.
  • Dump your recyclable waste into the bin through an open net.

10. The star wars android

  • This smart bin is seen everywhere and the design is inspired from star wars.
  • The trash bin consists of a robot’s shape and is very smart and enriched with modern technology.
  • Whenever you dump waste or take waste near it, the bin opens up the lid immediately.

11. The hungry penguin 

  • A very creative type of bin, preferably used in water parks but ideal for public places also.
  • Dump the recyclable waste into it, the bin is very useful and cute. 


Going green is the best option with today’s environmental issues and nowadays, a wide range of people are becoming conscious about the environment and proceed to recycle every item. To make this task more easy, various innovative bins have come up that work on the principle of eco-friendly means. Select the bin according to your requirements, budget, and taste and these types of bins help greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are smart bins?

Smart bins consist of unique smart features, electronic components, and sensors; they specially use artificial intelligence systems to detect waste. These bins are built for waste segregation smartly. 

Q2. Are recycling bins recyclable?

Recycling bins greatly help in recycling waste, and the blue color bin depicts a recycling bin. Just dump those waste items that can easily get recycled.

Q3. Benefits of using smart bins(innovative bins)?

It has many advantages to the use of smart bins are as follows:-
Innovative waste bins boost the rate of recycling.
The creative, smart bins help to encourage people to adopt recycling habits.
Smart bins proved to be an excellent comfort for waste segregation management.
Intelligent bins are easily movable; by this feature, it becomes useful for disabled persons.
It provides more cleanliness in the environment.

Q4. List of Countries are at the top of recycling their waste

There are some of the countries whose recycling percentage rate is more than 50 percent. It means the maximum percentage of overall waste has been completely recycled every year
South Korea 

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