Top 10 Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Brands For A Rash Free, Comfortable Night

As a woman, one has to go through a lot of pain, stress, and challenges every day of their life. Yet, the bleeding days are no exception!

With the continuous blood flow, intolerable pain, and constant mood swings, what every woman wants is a sanitary pad that gives her the comfort that she deserves.

In recent years, Indians’ attitudes around menstruation have altered. Regulations, rules, waste management techniques, and menstrual products are all revised regularly to better assist women.

With the increasing concern for environmentally friendly products, many women choose tampons and recycled cotton sanitary pads. Countless women have started using sanitary napkins that are claimed to be sustainable. 

However, just the biodegradable tag isn’t enough. Before choosing a sanitary pad one must consider several other factors like the retention period of fluid, hygiene, irritation for any skin type, etc.

To make this easier for you, we have curated a list of the top 10 biodegradable sanitary pad brands that are known for their values, quality product, and affordability. However, before we proceed let’s have a look at what biodegradable sanitary pads are and their benefits.

What is a biodegradable Sanitary Pad?

As the name suggests, they are made from natural elements like bamboo which result in easy decomposition. Using these, one can easily reduce the number of waste plastic pads produce annually.

Biodegradable sanitary pads are now becoming quite famous among women and children. When it comes to periods, these pads have a huge advantage when compared to regular sanitary pads.

Importance of Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

Reports claim that around nine thousand tonnes of menstrual waste come out of India in a month and the majority being sanitary pads. People aren’t concerned about society and tend to throw them along with the other wet waste generated in their households.

The Menstrual Health Alliance India reportedly stated, that 45% of the country’s waste comes from menstrual products including mainly sanitary napkins. This has been a problem not only in India but all the now developing countries like African nations and other middle-east countries.

How do biodegradable pads prevent body infections?

When a woman is on her period, her body tends to lose a lot of body fluids along with blood. Now, a plastic sanitary pad can react with these fluids and cause fungal infections in her vagina.

Infections that later turn out like, inflammation of the pelvis, in certain situations, can also lead to cervical cancer. It comes down to the quality of plastic used and the length of time the pads were on.

None of these problems occur if she wears biodegradable sanitary pads. There are simply plastic-free alternatives that do not trigger such harmful reactions. Hence, the eco-friendly version is the best buy.

Advantages of Biodegradable sanitary pads

Listed below are some of the key takeaways from a biodegradable sanitary pad. And how much of a difference it can make when compared to an ordinary sanitary pad.

They Are Free of Plastic

Organic sanitary pads are often constructed of bamboo, maize, and fibers coming from bananas, with no chemicals, preservatives, polymers, or pigments. This makes them entirely biodegradable and reduces the likelihood of plastic build-up.

They Decompose Faster

Quick fact, plastic gets the third position when it comes to the late decomposition of material on Earth. An ordinary plastic sanitary pad made out of plastic takes seven hundred to eight hundred days to decompose.

On the brighter side of the bank, a biodegradable sanitary pad starts to decompose well before a year of use thanks to the complete nature-dependent design and material.

Recommended by Doctors

Medical professionals advocate disposable pads since they are the most sanitary option available on the market. Moreover, a doctor, it is their duty to recommend the right product for their patients.

These biodegradable sanitary pads can be found even at medical shops. Do visit the nearest medical store with the product prescribed by your Gynaecologist and forget plastic pads immediately.

Free of Rashes and Irritation

Because plastic-based pads can irritate the sensitive skin in the intimate region, organic sanitary pads are constructed of plant-based materials, prioritizing them over plastic sanitary pads. 

It is important to remember even the slightest negligence in maintaining hygiene regarding genitals can cost you a lot in the future. From the smallest fungal infection to cervical cancer, you never know.

Top 10 Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Brands

1. Carmesi

Skin allergies cum rashes are some of the most prevalent issues that women have when using sanitary pads. Tanvi Johri, Carmesi’s co-founder, had similar difficulties with sanitary pads considering their biodegradability nature. 

Tanvi Johri created soft bamboo fiber and corn starch sanitary pads to address this problem. Carmesi’s eco-friendly sanitary pads prompted other businesses to follow the GSNR (Green Sanitary Napkins Revolution). Carmesi rose to the top of India’s sanitary pad makers as a result of this program.

Carmesi sells a pack of 10 eco-friendly sanitary pads at ₹190 which is an amazing offer. Considering the quality that the products ensure, this is a must-buy for the women out there.

2. Divya’s Health and Hygiene

In the year 2019, Divya Health & Hygiene was founded. The firm makes feminine care and hygiene goods such as disposable menstrual panties, which have revolutionized the commercial sanitary market.

The major goal was to create the greatest solution that could provide ladies with the ultimate security and hygiene throughout their periods.

Women’s sanitary pads are offered in a variety of sizes to match their needs. Furthermore, the disposable pads protect throughout the day and night, even with extremely strong flow. It protects very long durations like twelve to fourteen hours.

When it comes to characteristics, panties have a soft-top layer that feels like cotton and does not create rash or irritation. Disposable sanitary napkins soak four times as much as disposable sanitary panties.

3. Jayshree Industries

India’s first sanitary pad producer is Jayshree Industries. Arunachalam Muruganatham invented the sanitary pads that are now sold all over the world.

They have put up machinery to make low-cost sanitary pads in 23 states. As a result, all the females had access to sanitary pads.

The pads are made from pinewood fibers, which would then be encapsulated and disinfected using UV rays. These pads are available in packs of ten for ten rupees. 

Due to this campaign, the rural population’s feminine hygiene has improved. The company was successfully able to reach out to even the smallest of villages in the country.

“Affordability, Accessibility, and Awareness” are the company’s goals and vision. Executing their marketing strategies based on the above three words, brought the company into the spotlight.

4. Giocare

The brand’s name itself spells ‘Gracious Gift from God’. The company has made significant progress in reusing cloth to manufacture its eco-friendly sanitary pads. Their products are in turn cost-effective and don’t come with any adhesives of any kind.

Designed by S. Damodaran, who is the CEO of the company this product has been registered with a trademark and is manufactured by the Gramalaya Entrepreneurs Association of Tamil Nadu.

This is an amazing product that is entirely based on environmental welfare. Recycling materials like old cloth is one huge motive and cost-effectiveness is also a key takeaway.
The reusable cloth pad is priced at ₹150 apiece which is a fair price for the quality and work behind the product.

5. Saathi

In rural India, there appears to be a stigma against wearing sanitary pads. To dispel this myth, MIT, Harvard, and Nirma University grads devised a proposal to manufacture low-cost, sustainable sanitary pads. The company’s members, Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra, and Grace Kane were to become one of India’s leading sanitary pad producers.

Banana fibers, which are very absorbent natural fibers, are utilized to make sanitary pads, lowering the number of resources consumed and conserving the environment.

Saathi makes environmentally friendly eco-friendly sanitary pads that are manufactured from paper that has been well recycled. In India, there are several well-known sanitary pad brands. However, this one has a unique story to it.

The products come in various packs where banana fibers are priced at ₹100 a piece. There’s a sale going on the products now so it would be better if you rush a purchase as soon as possible.

6. Smilepad Hygiene India

Located in Pune, their co-founder Jairam Shetgaonkar’s main expertise is manufacturing hygiene products along with disposable sanitary pads. Extremely soft pantyliners, super-duper thin night napkins, and regular sanitary napkins are some of the feminine care items available.

It gives women the tools they need to fight for their rights. This inspired them to launch a business in the sanitary market, and they are now India’s biggest sanitary pad producer.

The company not only looks to boost its marketing sales but also intends to educate people about hygiene with the support of certain hygiene professionals in the community.

The company provides a pack size of 6 at an MRP of ₹26 per pack. This is quite reasonable and is hands down the best buy among other companies.

7. Lady Fly

Lady Fly was founded in the year 2020 in Maharashtra, India. The company is one of India’s leading sanitary pad producers. Pads Lady Fly manufactures are dermatologically tested, as well as ISO certified.
The cotton sanitary pads are breathable and comfy because they boast thin cotton edges and a moisture layer. These napkins increase blood circulation and the rate of immunity while preventing gynecological illness.
The product comes in a box that contains around 10 pieces which has a price tag slapped worth ₹200 a box.

8. Nora Sanitary

Nora Sanitary creates incredible organic and biodegradable sanitary pads under the brand that says ‘Manufactured by Nora’. 

As a result, comes comfort, and the pads are covered in air sheets, making them one of India’s best sanitary pads. Chemical adhesives and polymers aren’t used in this project. In six months, the substance is fully biodegradable.

There are completely raw materials used in the product like bamboo and virgin pulp. Speaking of more features, the sanitary napkins’ layers include a core that seeps moisture quickly, preventing leakage and dampness.

The ADL sheets aid in equal balance and eliminates bunching, reducing leakage. Moreover, air can easily flow thanks to the breathable layers. As a result, they don’t wear perfumes or scents.
This company maintains class. They have priced a pack of 12 sanitary pads at ₹300 which is worth the number of features the product provides.

9. Vivanion

Due to unsanitary sanitary conditions and inappropriate sanitary pads, the majority of women in the country endure urinary tract infections.

Vivanion pads include herbs that help to reduce bacterial development and infections, as well as period pains. Because of these unique concepts, the firm has risen to become one of India’s leading sanitary pad producers.

Because Vivanion sanitary napkins are comprised of anion strips, have higher sustainability without causing bacterial development or odor. It increases blood flow and keeps reproductive health in check.

Priced at ₹199 a pack, this company also means fair business. Their sanitary pads promise quality and a reasonable rate. This is a well-suggested company by people who’ve used their products.

10. Purganics

Sanitary pads contain elements that are carcinogenic and lead to cancer. Almost all sanitary products are constructed of plastic, which never degrades, making it one of the top sanitary pad brands in India.

Purganics’ founder, Nisha Baina, made every effort to find the ideal answer and created organic decomposable pads that are offered at reasonable costs.

They produce cotton sanitary pads since it is a naturally renewable, biocompatible fiber with a pH that is suitable for the delicate vaginal skin.

Again priced at ₹199 a pack of many pieces, Purganics never fails to satisfy their customers.

Final Thoughts:

People need to understand the importance of sanitary pads. We no longer live in a society where issues like these are dominated by toxic masculinity. Sadly, this country has places where menstrual pads are sold in newspapers and people feel ashamed to conduct such business.

In the above-mentioned companies that are trying to create a better world for every woman and girl, they are more than just businessmen and businesswomen. These brands have taken the initiative for creating a better world.

Women need to know what should be worn and what is not hygienic for them. To know their own body is mandatory and people should consider purchasing products that are comfortable and affordable.

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