8 Sustainable Promotion Tips for Your New Etsy Store

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If you’re setting up your Etsy shop, you obviously have some sort of unique skill and a strong sense of creativity. With this combination, you can make products which are appealing and are sure to get some really good responses from potential buyers. 

However, even if you have a ship with products that is like nothing else around and is excellent, it won’t succeed without the right marketing strategy. You need to make sure enough people know about the shop in order to maximize your visitor traffic and sales. Here are a few tips you should follow to promote your Etsy shop. 

Create a full marketing plan

The first thing you should do is write out a complete marketing plan. This will help you set things up accordingly, and also plan your budget. This marketing plan should include what mediums you’re using, how frequently you will push ads, and what the goals of your efforts will be. 

This marketing plan should be ready well in advance, so make one of these on a quarterly basis, and stick to implementing it as well as you can, with flexibility for sudden events. Make sure you consider the holidays and other events going on during these quarters, and work on creating content around those. For example, you can talk about sustainable practices for celebrating Diwali

Make custom Etsy banners

Your Etsy storefront’s banner will be the first thing visitors will see when they open up the page. So, it needs to catch their attention and make them want to buy your products. Create a custom Etsy banner with your brand aesthetic, logo, and current campaign to impress visitors. 

Make this process easier by simply choosing one of the templates on PosterMyWall and editing it accordingly. Try to stick to a color scheme and a family of fonts throughout your marketing material so that your design sense remains cohesive. 

Offer sustainable products in your store

Of course, your commitment to sustainability shouldn’t just be limited to your marketing. You should offer a wide range of sustainable products in order to appeal to a wider audience. Work on pieces like upcycled clothes, ethical jewelry, or whatever kind of products fit best with your brand. 

Make it clear in your store’s branding and content that these products are sustainable, and provide as much proof as possible about your sourcing and manufacturing processes. This will build trust in your audience and improve your ratings as well. 

Focus on the visual appeal 

Speaking of storefronts, you need to make yours as visually appealing as possible. After all, Etsy is a platform where aesthetics is the main product. So, you should make sure your products are photographed well, with nice backdrops and themes. 

In addition, work on the ‘About’ sections and other sections of the store as well. The visual appeal does not only apply to images, but also to text. Therefore, you should work on your content, and put it in the best shape possible. 

Establish your position in the market

While Etsy itself is an excellent platform to use, you also need to direct people to your store somehow. One of the best ways you can do this is by establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. So, make sure your products are not too generic, and you’re actually offering something not commonly available. Go for specific products like biodegradable female sanitary products, and also gather as much relevant knowledge around them as possible.

Then, share this information with other market players or influencers. This will showcase your unique product and also establish you as a major player in your niche. You can even opt for guest blogging and video marketing to help you achieve this position.

Utilize social media platforms

This is a major part of your Etsy marketing strategies. You need to leverage your social media platforms, and steer traffic towards your store from them. Instagram is a particularly useful tool when it comes to marketing for Etsy. 

Make sure you follow a similar aesthetic on your Instagram feed as your Etsy shop. In addition, add the shop link to the Link in Bio, and also add shopping links on posts you put up. Also share marketing posts and new products across your social media platforms and engage with audiences there in order to get them to visit your Etsy store. 

Write a blog

You need to create as many channels as possible to direct visitors to your Etsy store. A blog is a good way to do this. Use this blog as an artist website to share your vision, processes, and inspirations. Add links to your Etsy store, and to specific products in the articles you write for this blog. In addition, offer advice about sustainable gifting practices in your blog before the holiday season to increase traffic. 

In addition, you can ask guest bloggers to write pieces for this blog as well, and take your brand to the next level. Make sure you’re consistent with writing and posting on this blog, and share the articles regularly across your other online platforms as well. 

Work on your Etsy search ranking

Etsy has its own SEO strategies, and these will help you rank high in searches for products related to you. One thing you must do is put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, and see what they would like. Also do keyword research, and label your products accordingly. However, make sure everything is cohesive, otherwise your shop will just look unprofessional.

When you put effort and research into your strategies, you’re sure to elevate what you do with your Etsy shop. In addition, you should consistently keep an eye on your Etsy analytics as well, and see what sorts of product listings are working well. 

In conclusion, there are many ways you can promote your Etsy store online. This will help you get those sales up and make a name for yourself. 

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