17 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones this Christmas

As we enter the holiday and Christmas season, it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year when we participate in the act of giving. One would be very cautious about choosing a perfect gift for a friend, a lover, or anyone. But do you know that we ned to be very careful when we choose that gift, not only for the person but also for the environment?

Do you know that there’s an increase in the wastage of 20-30% just because of gift packaging, wrapping, food waste, and unsustainable presents? While we should continue giving gifts to our loved ones, we can practice responsible gift-giving through more sustainable gift practices. 

“Our gifts can be a good memory to someone, but it shouldn’t be a bad memory for the environment.”

Here are some of the best sustainable gift ideas that help encourage sustainability this holiday season

What should be Considered When Buying Sustainable Gifts?

As more and more individuals and brands are becoming aware of their impact on the environment, sustainable brands have also become increasingly popular. 

Although buying eco-friendly gifts is something you must consider, purchase only those items you’re sure the person you’ll be gifting to will need or use. Another person can use the gift that one person doesn’t use. So, give those gifts to the person who uses them. Make sure that all the gifts you purchase are done with a lot of thought and intent and that you prefer to buy from local and handmade items to encourage their growing industry. 

Let us look at a few sustainable gift items you can consider presenting to your loved ones.

Sustainable gift items to present your loved ones

christmas tree and gifts

1. Zero-waste travel kit

A zero-waste travel kit is one of the most sustainable gift ideas that are unique, help decrease waste and create a greener planet. You can buy it online or DIY it after purchasing the necessary items in local stores. You can place these in a drawstring bag or box as soon as you have all the essentials together- a foldable tote bag, organic soap, bamboo toothbrush, and utensils. As travel plays a crucial role in everyone’s lives, these items would be used by the person you present this. By this way, you can inspire more people to have a zero-waste life.  

2. Beeswax wrap

Beeswax wrap is a sustainable and fun replacement to single-use plastics such as zip lock bags and clings wraps. They’re one of the latest trends that help reduce waste. Made from pure beeswax, cotton fabric, coconut oil, and tree resin, these can cover leftovers or even hold fresh fruits or vegetables. 

Plastic wraps tend to suffocate fresh produce, which can lead to condensation. Thus, molds can form in the bag. If this happens, this hastens food decomposition and can lead to food waste. But beeswax wraps have antibacterial properties that help keep food clean and germ-free; they also help lock food moisture to help retain the freshness and flavor of the food. So, gifting this as a gift will be healthy and sustainable. 

3. Organic Soaps

If you’re looking for an excellent sustainable gift for your loved ones, you must pick naturally grown and chemical-free gifts. Organic soaps come under this category, and organic soaps help your skin feel smooth and rejuvenated. It also has healing properties for various skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and sunburn. It also comes with a wide variety of scents. The best thing about it is that it comes with natural ingredients, so you can use them on the face and for shaving. 

Organic soap’s ingredients are well known to its customers, so it’s always easy to choose a soap that suits for particular skin type. If you know the skin type of your loved ones whom you will gift it, then buy accordingly or make sure you choose a soap that works well with all skin types. 

4. Eco-friendly photo books 

These are other excellent idea to give as a gift. Eco-friendly photo books let you have a vibrant photobook that’s green at the same time. It is the best gift to give to the love of your life. These high-quality handcrafted products are made of premium recycled paper, so you’re assured that you can gift a memorable lifetime gift without damaging the environment. 

5. Gardening helpful kit for indoor gardening

This is the best gift for someone who loves growing plants or wants to grow edible plants. Aside from bringing greens to their homes, these handy gardening sets allow your loved ones to start a more sustainable food journey. 

You can include seeds of edible plants such as basil, carrots, green onion, herbs, leafy vegetables, etc., along with the gardening kit. But choose a sustainable kit that doesn’t contain plastic or any other chemical-included items.

6. Coffee cups

Although the coffee culture has taken off during the past couple of years, using single-use coffee cups is incredibly detrimental to the environment. While you can predominantly make some from paper, some may have plastic lamination and, thus, cannot be composted. Using so many paper cups is also not good for the environment, which is why reusable coffee cups are suggestible.

There’s a wide variety of coffee cups available –ceramic cups, stainless steel, tempered glass, etc. This can be the best gift for a coffee lover. Opting for this sustainable, eco-friendly alternative is also one of the best ways to decrease one’s carbon footprint

7. Yoga mats

If you know someone who’s into yoga, then there are no better Sustainable gift for Christmas and holidays than an eco-friendly yoga mat! 

Plastic yoga mats can contain harmful chemicals, which can sometimes cause health issues to the customer who uses them. These eco-friendly yoga mats don’t contain any hazardous substances, and if you gift them to your loved one, they can do their yoga peacefully without having any side effects.

8. Sustainable clothing

Who doesn’t like clothes? Every one of us frequently buys new clothes but do you know that one of the most significant contributors to landfills is the fast fashion industry? Tons of clothing are being discarded each year, which harms the environment around us. So, rather than purchasing gifts from a fast fashion brand, buy something that’s sustainably made. 

Sustainable clothing brands offer clothing that isn’t just made via a sustainable process but also uses sustainable materials. They also tend to create clothing that lasts the test of time and stays wearable even for years. And also, plenty of sustainable clothing brands in the market offer you plenty of varieties to give as a gift to your loved ones.

9. Solar powered power bank

This is a unique Christmas gift that everyone can use. Solar-powered power banks can charge various items without using electricity or a battery. It only needs a few hours under the sun and can charge anything from your phone, even other gadgets like your laptop! 

Not to mention, these power banks are convenient. So, if you have a person who needs this, you can give them, and they’ll surely appreciate it!

10. House plants

You probably have that one friend or family member who is obsessed with houseplants. Well, the thing about houseplants is they have various varieties and create a peaceful surrounding. By gifting an oxygen plant which is also a house plant, your loved one will get purified air in their houses. You can also opt for house plants that don’t require much care. If the person you want to gift is not used to gardening, you can give them these types of house plants.

 Gifting plants not only increase the greenery around us but are also sustainable.

11. Recycled products

You can present something created from recycled products as a gift, and it is a fantastic way to ensure you buy the perfect gift while staying green. 

Plenty of recycled products are available in the market, from stuffed animals to bath towels. Thus, there’s undoubtedly an item that you can pick from these products. 

12. Seed pens

Seed pens are made from recycled paper, and the pen also functions well and works like any other pen product. 

After you use it up, these can be planted in the soil to grow a tree. The best thing about these pens are they’re made purely from recycled products, and you even have the chance to produce a new tree or plant. It is a great sustainable gift that you should consider buying. 

13. Bamboo products

Bamboo products are becoming even more popular and are one of the best sustainable gifts to buy. One bamboo product that has gained so much popularity is bamboo straws. These reusable straws remove the need for you to use disposable straws, which can harm the environment. Furthermore, they’re an excellent gift to give. 

Many eco-conscious brands now sell bamboo straws and can even provide personalized names and messages. These gifts can also come with a nifty and stylish straw holder that you can easily place in your handbag. 

14. Tote bags

The next that comes under our list are tote bags. These bags are a great and stylish alternative to plastic bags. Many sustainable brands have produced elegant tote bags and made excellent gifts. They come in different styles or can even be personalized as a gift. 

15. Secondhand gifts

If your loved one is as eco-friendly as you, you can consider gifting secondhand gifts. Some things are better to buy secondhand, especially antique or vintage, and you can’t purchase them in retail stores anymore. It is sustainable and adds a unique touch to your gift!

16. Experience gifts

Experience gifts are another excellent sustainable gift idea instead of gifting someone something physical. If the giftee loves traveling and reveling in new experiences, this might be the perfect gift for them! 

Here are some examples:

● Local tour

● Gifting a massage or a spa to relax themselves

● Enrolling in an online workshop or class

● Booking a hot air balloon ride

● Booking a camping trip

17. Donating to their favorite charity

It is an open secret that only some people want physical gifts, and some people are there who want to do something for others. You can give those people a present by donating to their favorite charity in their name. This will become a good memory for them, and they will appreciate you too. So include this gift in your list of sustainable gift ideas for Christmas. 


As the environment around us changes daily, we should adopt the concept of sustainability as much as possible. We should practice it in our daily life. Following Sustainable gift ideas for Christmas is one among them. It helps reduce waste, protect our planet, and ensure that the resources that we have today will still be available for years to come. 

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