What Is Modal Fabric? And Is It Sustainable Fabric?

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A large section of people calls modal fabric a sustainable texture. People always remain very confused about what is modal fabric. And what is the usage of this material? Does it provide an eco-friendly fashion material? So much confusion and today in this article, we will solve all the confusion of yours and will provide all the necessary details about modal fabric. 

Modal fabric comes from the pulp of the beech trees and it is a semi-synthetic and breathable material. However most of the time we found this material in underwear, Eco-friendly Robes, Activewear, cotton Jersey T-shirts, Eco-friendly pillows, and sustainable beddings. Subsequently, it is also important to understand what eco-friendly mean is and the importance of eco-friendly products.

Not only that, modal does not require as many resources as other materials required. It comes from plant-based materials. The modal is very comfortable and easy to take care of. However, when it comes to the sustainability of the modal it can simply appear a little bit complicated. 

What is Modal Fabric? 

In simple words, the modal is very similar to the regular Rayon fabric. Not only that, it is very strong, breathable, and has the ability to withstand excessive moisture. It is a Semi-synthetic Fabric that is used to create long-lasting and soft Materials combined with other fibers.

Subsequently, for the hybrid fabric, it will also offer you the feeling of luxurious vegan products just like cozy, softy, breakable, and smooth feeling. In addition, you can also make your life healthy with this material by following the tips to live a sustainable life

How is Modal Fabric Made?

There are numerous people who do not know, what is modal fabric? To help them and to let them understand this particular material here we have come up with a little bit of information. It is a type of rayon fabric that is also known as High Wet Modulus. It was first found in Japan in 1951. And as an alternative to the silk, the people of Japan used the material. 

Typically, it is produced in a way that is like viscose fabric, without following any wasteful and harmful processes. At first, the beech trees are harvested in the field. Later the pulp of the beech trees goes through a purification process that converts the wood chips into cellulose.  

Apart from the harmful effects of plastic, it is highly used for garment products and for higher sustainable brand clothing. 

To prepare modal fabric, the sheets have been formed from the extracted cellulose. In the later step, Sodium Hydroxide will be added to the extracted cellulose. However, the Sodium Hydroxide will be added in a limited portion so that the waste materials do not come in huge amounts.

After that, all the cellulose sheets will be breakable into pieces that will not leave any carbon footprint. After that, the semi-synthetic cellulose sheets will again be soaked in the sodium hydroxide. And to finish the product and in the final step sulfuric acid will be added to the sheets. 

Properties of Modal Fabric

Modal fabric has been produced with properties like ultra comfy feel. Subsequently, it is very soft, light, breathable, and flexible. On the other hand, modal fabric does not shrink, or crease, and it drapes well very much. It remains very durable and also offers perfect stretch.

Subsequently, the properties of the modal also make it long-lasting than any other cotton cloth. It is more resilient that any one of the other synthetic clothes. However, it can easily bear a lot of washes and dry cycles which is one of the ways to save the environment

Modal Fabric Pros and Cons


1. Biodegradable and compostable

Compared to the cons you will find a maximum number of pros of the fabric. The fabric has been certified as biodegradable and compostable. It can easily mix up under the soil, home, marine conditions, and Industrials. It also helped us to know how to live a zero waste lifestyle

2. Sustainable

Moreover, it is more sustainable than cotton and it always uses less water. Therefore, when it goes through lots of processes to make the clothing water is also saved in a huge quantity. It does not require so much water while it goes through washing. In addition, these fabrics are very much comfortable and durable. You can wear all the clothes that are made with modal fabric for many years without damage.


Skin problems and others

Talking about the negative aspects of the fabrics is that it can affect you some kind of allergic reactions, discoloration, and lack of heat retention.

How to care for modal fabrics

In addition, if you want to use the modal fabrics for a long time for yourself and to keep well then you need to pay attention to that care process.

The fabrics are machine washable and you can also use the cold water to wash the clothing that is made with this fabric. Besides that, it will also help you to get rid of all the shrinkage from the clothing as well.

On the other hand, if you are saw any delicate Items by yourself then do not forget to use a wash bag to protect your favorite item. Besides that, if you are using any dryer then you will have to keep it at a medium temperature so that it does not affect the materials.

While washing your favorite clothing you will also have to avoid the harmful chemicals in the clothing. Subsequently, to save the environment you can also use plastic straws alternatives

Modal Fabric vs Cotton

The durability and comfort level will also depend on that particular fabric which will be added with modal fabric. After optimizing with that particular fabric and modal fabric it will offer you long-lasting garments and other clothing materials. Not only that, the fabrics of the modal are totally different from the others therefore it offers sustainability easily. 

In comparison with cotton, modal fabric is much more expensive than regular cotton. Not only that, it is also a very eco-friendly and durable alternative. Subsequently, it can absorb 50% of water quickly as compared to Cotton.

Cotton clothes are also usually used in our daily life but when it comes to eco-friendly fabrics people are nowadays selecting modal fabric as the material base of most clothes. They are not only just of smooth feeling but also very much effective and get rid of any kind of problems.

Brands Use Modal Fabric

After discussing what is modal fabric? now here is the time to discuss the brands that are using the fabrics in their clothing for long-lasting sustainability. Nowadays there are numerous brands that are utilizing the fabric in their clothing and satisfying their customers by providing the best clothing. Subsequently, the maximum number of brands is also giving the priority to eco-friendly Clothing.

Not only that if you are looking for any particular clothing item then you can also immediately get the references of numerous brands online. These are some of the popular brands which are now it is making their all products with model fabrics. The name of the brands is

1. Lululemon

If you are looking for the most comfortable, soft, and stretchable clothing, then Lululemon is the best brand for you. They are making all their products with modal fabric material and also known for the best Active wear. 

2. Urban Kissed

Those who are looking for sustainable clothes and various brand items they can surely take the help of this particular website Urban Kissed. They are making all their products with the best model fabric materials keeping in mind the importance of the environment. 

3. Tamga Designs

If you are looking for some unique collections with multiple designs combined with modal fabric material then this is the best platform for you. All the shirts and dresses are very much comfortable to wear. 

4. Sijo

In addition, here with this particular website you can also get all the light weighted and designing pajamas for yourself. All the products are very much stretchable and offer a very perfect fitting. 

5. Tentree

Subsequently, if you are looking for casual dressing or clothing for yourself then you can take the help of this particular website Tentree. You will also be able to purchase all the regular clothing items from this particular platform. 

6. Zappos

In addition, if you are looking for a single place where you can purchase all the various types of clothing for yourself then it is the most suitable option for you. Here you will get thousands of options in front of you to purchase combined with modal fabric material. 

At the same time, if you are looking for any sustainable t-shirt for yourself you can also find out on the internet with this particular material. At present, a large section of popular and demanding brands are also giving their focus to producing eco-friendly and sustainable products. Therefore they are also taking the benefit of this modal fabric and making the best products for their customers.


Therefore, these are the all essential and significant things that you need to know about modal fabric. Hope this little piece of information will enlarge your knowledge. However, we have covered the maximum number of important things that you need to know regarding the fabrics. However, there can remain many more other important things and we will surely update you about all of those aspects very soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Modal Fabric Sustainable?

Yes, modal fabric is sustainable and durable in comparison with any other fabrics. They are very soft and comfortable and can also absorb a lot of water within themselves in comparison with cotton.

Q2. Who Manufactures Modal Fabric?

The manufacturer of modal fabric is Lenzing AG, An Australian Fabric Company. The company has started a mission to provide sustainable products to its customers therefore they circulated their business.

Q3. Is Modal Material Good Quality?

The model material is very superior in quality and utilizes the best materials and fabrics to make each one of the products. They are offering comfortable, softy, long-lasting, durable, and flexibility.

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