The Organic Mattresses Useful Thing to Save the Environment

Sleep is something that every human needs. Everyone needs a peaceful sleep after a long tiring day. The best organic mattress gives you the best sleep. But many mattresses in our market are synthetic, which can harm our environment. That’s why we should adopt using an organic mattress. 

Switching to the best organic mattress can help you live a greener, more sustainable life while reducing the negative impacts of synthetic materials and toxins. It’s no wonder more mattress customers are looking toward organic, eco-friendly options since most consumers today enjoy following the ways to save the environment.

What are organic mattresses?

Instead of traditional, synthetic, or chemical materials, organic mattresses are non-toxic, natural materials. It is more breathable and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it also decreases the harmful effects of plastic used in synthetic mattresses.

Organic mattresses are typically durable, Biodegradable, contain sustainable fabrics, and are hypoallergenic. A natural mattress is the best option if you have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions or don’t want to expose yourself to dangerous pollutants. A mattress composed of organic materials is also better for infants and young children.

Differences between synthetic and organic mattresses

Synthetic MattressOrganic Mattress  
  Contains synthetic materials, including steel coil, springs, wire mesh, polyester, and polyurethane foam.  These eco-friendly mattresses contain natural materials like wool and cotton.  
  Some mattresses also contain chemicals such as flame retardants.  Wool acts as a flame retardant which can help in the protection of the environment.
  It may cause breathing issues because of the chemicals used to make them.  No breathing issues occur as these mattresses contain eco-friendly and organic products.  
  These are difficult to decompose in the environment after their shelf life.   These are easily decomposable as they have sustainable fabrics and organic products.  
  You may face disturbance in sleep while sleeping on this mattress.  These eco-friendly mattresses give better and more peaceful sleep.  
  These mattresses are not much durable comparing organic mattresses.  These are incredibly durable comparing synthetic mattresses.    

Types of organic mattresses

A vital feature of an organic mattress is its capacity to support and relieve pressure on your body while also controlling your body temperature to keep you cozy and warm as you sleep. Organic mattresses have the following types.

  1. Organic hybrid mattresses
  2. Organic latex mattresses
  3. Organic innerspring coil mattresses
  4. Organic pillow-top mattresses
  5. Vegan mattresses.

Let us look briefly into these types.

Organic hybrid mattresses: 

Among clients who care about the environment, organic hybrid mattresses are a popular option. It typically has latex, cotton, or wool at the top, along with coils (mostly the pocketed kind). Compared to mattresses with regular innerspring, organic hybrid mattresses typically have a few natural components for comfort. 

Organic latex mattresses: 

A mattress without springs is known as a latex-only or pure latex mattress. It is made of organic latex, as the name suggests, and the rubber tree sap is processed to produce latex. Organic latex mattresses are free of synthetics, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals created by humans. Mattresses made of latex are organic, sturdy, and safe.

Organic innerspring coil mattresses: 

An innerspring coil mattress is often comprised of various types of individually wrapped metal spring coils wrapped in wool or cotton.

For customers looking for the best organic mattress made of the purest ingredients, several outlets sell a variety of brands of innerspring mattresses. They typically have metal springs in the core and are made of organic cotton or wool, and these are non-toxic mattresses and are entirely pure.

Organic pillow-top mattresses: 

These mattresses are perfect if you like to sleep on your side or need more pressure relief from firm to ultra-plush or wherever in between; you may easily change them. An organic pillow-top mattress is created using natural latex, cotton, wool, latex, a PLA layer, and enclosed coils. An organic pillow-top mattress often has 4-5 three-inch latex layers on top to produce a plush top layer.

Vegan mattresses: 

This can be strange to hear, but yes, there are vegan mattresses too. Some producers also sell vegan mattresses. As its name suggests, a vegan mattress does not contain any wool in its stuffing and is entirely composed of plant-based ingredients. They are typically created from materials of the highest caliber, such as organic cotton.

Uses of organic mattresses

Going organic when buying mattresses has the following benefits.

  • They are 100% organic and natural to decompose in nature which is very useful for saving the environment. Organic mattresses are healthy to use. You no need to breathe the carbon in the synthetic mattresses if you use the organic mattress.
  • Organic mattresses provide back support, so you don’t have back pains.
  • A natural mattress contains holes that help in air circulation.
  • A natural mattress is highly durable.
  • Some companies provide eco-friendly packagingwhich is helpful for the environment around us.
  • It is easily degradable after its shelf life.
  • You can easily recycle it.

Organic mattresses brands in India

1. DREAMZEE Natural Latex Mattress

DREAMZEE Vilasa™ Natural Latex Mattress King Size | Globally Certified 100% Monozone Natural Latex | Anti-Bacterial Shield | Medium Comfort | 78x72x5 Inches
  • Experience Blissful Comfort – Our mattress offers a perfect blend of medium comfort and exceptional spine support, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and free from pressure points.
  • Pure Natural Latex – Crafted from 100% Natural Latex, a Healthy and Hygienic sleep surface that naturally repels dust mites, mold, and bacteria without any harmful chemicals. The Dunlop process with Pin-core formation ensures durability and consistent support.
  • Sleep on Nature’s Fabric – Wrapped in GOTS certified 100% Organic Fabric and layered with Organic Cotton, our mattress is a natural choice for a safe and cozy slumber.
  • Stay Comfortable Year-round – With our Temperature Control Technology, you can enjoy a cool sleep during hot summers and a warm embrace in chilly winters.

This mattress, which comes in various sizes, may be the ideal way to get the luxury of a five-star hotel at a much lower price.

2. Boston Organic Mattress

Boston Organic 10 Inch 100% Pure Certified Natural Latex King Size Mattress (78 x 72 x 10 Inch)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (78 inches), Width (72 inches), Height (10 Inches); Bed Size: King
  • Mattress Comfort: Medium; Material: 100% Pure Certified Organic Natural Pincore Latex (Dunlop Technology); Warranty: 10 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty; Certified By: Eco Institut, LGA & Oeko-Tex
  • Organic Tencel Fabric: Organic Fabric Extracted From Wood Which Is More Absorbent Than Cotton, Softer Than Silk & Cooler Than Linen | Cotton Wadding: Light Feel, Soft & Good Insulation With Down & Feather Feeling | Confirming Body Support & Ergonomics: Relieves Stress From Hips, Spine, Shoulders And Neck | Hygienic: It Is Anti Fungal, Hygienic, Self Ventilation and Anti Dust Mite
  • 100% Pure Certified Natural Latex Mattress is a pure botanical product. It contains absolutely no synthetic latex or fillers and is made through the Dunlop process with pin cores for increased breathability. Tencel Fabric is of botanic origin, as it is extracted from wood pulp. It is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Organic Cotton Wadding Quilting is all natural and breathes better than foam. It helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

This mattress made entirely of natural latex is suitable for proper ventilation, preventing overheating in the summer and extreme cold in the winter. The bed’s size and thickness are adjustable, and it shouldn’t cost you much and be around Rs. 60k+ if you choose the average dimensions.

3. Wakefit Mattress

Wakefit HR Foam Ortho Plus 8-Inch King Size Mattress (78X72X8 Inches,Medium Soft,Grey)
72,158 Reviews
Wakefit HR Foam Ortho Plus 8-Inch King Size Mattress (78X72X8 Inches,Medium Soft,Grey)
  • Product Dimensions: 198.12 cms (length) x 182.88 cms (width) x 20.32cms (height) / 78x72x8 Inches
  • Warranty: 15 years manufacturer warranty
  • Mattress Feel: Medium Soft
  • Mattress Material: NASA-Developed Memory Foam, Premium Responsive Foam, Premium High Resilience Foam

Another reliable mattress has arrived from Sunday’s home. The bed has a medium firmness, is soft and perfectly shaped to fit your body, and is gentle in quality.

4. Novilla Queen Size Mattress

Novilla Queen Size Mattress, 12 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress for a Cool Sleep & Pressure Relief, Medium Firm Feel with Motion Isolating, Bliss
  • General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.
  • RELIEVES PAINS & DAMPENS PARTNER’S MOVEMENTS – Novilla 12” gel memory foam medium firm queen size mattress includes 4 different foam layers. Gel memory foam is combined with comfort foam to distribute pressure and mold to your body. And the two layers high density foam that improve durability, which to give your body support for proper spinal alignment. Also to resist sagging and prevent roll-off. Whether you sleep alone or next to a partner, there is no disruption.
  • A SAFE & COMFORTABLE SLEEP ENVIRONMENT- Mattress is made of CertiPUR-US Certified foam, without any harmful off-gassing and substances like formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals. The bed mattress cover use skin-friendly rayon fabric, heavenly soft to touch. Novilla queen size memory foam mattress gives you a healthier and cloud-like experience.
  • QUEEN MATTRESS IN A BOX & FITS ALL BED FRAMES- Such fun to receive a mattress that’s rolled and compressed in a box . Follow the instructions and see how the magic happens. It is easy to set up and fits all kinds of queen bed frames, even on the floor. Mattress is recommended 72 hours for air out and reshape.

This mattress, which has Multi-core technology, is ideal for softness and comfort. A smaller-sized bed costs less than Rs. 20k, and prices can go as high as Rs. 70k.

5. Zinus Memory Foam

Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Cot Size Mattress, Narrow Twin
  • Conforming Green Tea Memory Foam comfort and pressure relieving support for a better night’s sleep
  • Mattress layers include: 1 inch memory foam, 5 inches high density base support foam. Comfort level Firm. Core construction Memory foam
  • Foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
  • Infused with Green Tea extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil to naturally retard odor & bacteria

This is the mattress for you if you want comfort and health advantages. You may pay less than Rs. 20k for the mattress. It is always advisable to use non-toxic mattresses and buy them


Nowadays, people are trying to use organic products daily. From vegetables to clothes, people prefer organic products. Natural mattresses should also come into use for everyone, which helps protect the environment. 

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