Cruelty-Free Beauty: Top Vegan Makeup Brands for a Compassionate Lifestyle

vegan makeup brands

Veganism has grown in popularity dramatically during the previous decade. Rising environmental concerns and public awareness of animal suffering mostly fuel the rise of veganism. The idea of veganism extends beyond food to include all aspects of lifestyle, such as clothing and cosmetics.

The growing popularity of clean, ethical, and vegan beauty products has resulted in new formulas in skincare, beauty care products, perfumes, and cosmetics. The ultimate goal of using these products is to follow vegan makeup.

Vegan makeup is nothing but using vegan makeup brands and cosmetics. Vegan cosmetics are beauty products that don’t have animal-related products such as beeswax, honey, collagen, glycerin, lanolin, etc. It is always suggestible to choose vegan makeup products as no animal would be harmed because of this. 

In this article, let us explore everything about veganism, vegan makeup, how it differs from cruelty-free makeup, what are the most available vegan makeup brands in India, and what are the benefits of using vegan cosmetics.

What is veganism? 

Veganism is a concept and way of life that aims to eliminate, as much as it is possible and practical, all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty for clothing, food, or any other purpose.

As a result, it encourages the creation and use of alternatives that don’t involve using animals which benefits animals, people, and the environment. In short, it refers to the practice of avoiding any goods that are entirely or partially derived from animals.

Veganism is the most effective way to help put an end to animal cruelty. Reducing the demand for animal products by refusing to buy them lessens the captivity of animals that endure pain and death on farms and slaughterhouses.

Every animal in any type of farming, either free or organic farming, dairy industry, egg industry, or even fish and marine animals, will face the worst situations before they are slaughtered to become food on our plates or become other products or clothes we use!

All animals deserve to live without pain or suffering, whether they are a dog you live with, a pig or even a chicken on a poultry farm, or a fish being pulled from the ocean. 

By becoming a vegan, you can say “NO” to animal cruelty in the most powerful way possible. You can find many vegan foods, clothes, and even vegan cosmetic brands to include in your daily life.

Cruelty-free makeup vs. vegan makeup

When a product is labeled “cruelty-free,” it means that no animal testing was done during production. However, it doesn’t mean that no animal-related ingredient was used during the process of its preparation. 

On the other hand, veganism has the ethics of not using any animal-related ingredients in the preparation of makeup products. However, it may or may not involves animal testing. 

You can find the ingredients of the product on the label and can decide whether it’s vegan or not. Collagen, glycerin, beeswax, honey, etc. are some examples of non-vegan ingredients. However, not all of these elements are necessarily made from animals.

There are vegan substitutes for some of these components. Others have soya variants or are derived from veggies and plant oil, while others are synthetically manufactured; that’s why it is often confusing to buy vegan makeup products.

However, there are many vegan makeup brands available in the market, and they are certified and trusted companies. So, you can buy whichever makeup product you want to buy from these brands.

Vegan makeup brands in India

The vegan beauty products available in India provide some of the strongest formulas and colored cosmetics utilizing age-old recipes and methods to suit Indian skin types. The top cruelty-free & vegan makeup brands in India adopt a thorough strategy and employ potent ingredients that are calming to delicate skin while yet being highly effective. The following are the popular vegan makeup brands in India.

1. Plum goodness

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This vegan brand is Peta-certified and suits every type of skin. This product is highly used by people and influencers around the nation. 

2. Disguise cosmetics

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This brand is very famous for its soft, creamy, and moisturizing vegan lipsticks. Along with lipsticks, they manufacture eyeshadows, eyeliner pencils, and glow multi-sticks that can be used for eyeliners, eyeshadows, and pencils.

3. Kiro

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The company is totally open about its main components, which include shea butter, mango seed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Their website offers recommendations for the best makeup products based on your skin tone to further help reduce your uncertainty while purchasing cosmetics.

4. Asa beauty

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This brand creates not only vegan makeup products but also follows sustainable methods when it comes to packaging. 

5. Soultree

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The first Indian company to offer beauty and natural goods with European certification is SoulTree. SoulTree, which sells organic, herbal, and ayurvedic skincare and beauty products, is well known for its ability to nurture. The brand’s original mission was to empower women farmers in Uttarakhand and promote a sustainable way of living.

6. Nyor

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Nyor, which in Assamese simply translates as “dew droplets,” is one of the best organic makeup brands available in India. It offers customers an organic substitute for chemical and inorganic goods that have been shown to be harsh on the skin.

Their products are vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free and have received Peta certification. They provide luxurious makeup items, a glowing complexion, and everything at a reasonable price.

7. Just herbs

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All of the products of this brand are simply herbs, as the name implies. While researching and developing her own spice blends, award-winning biochemist Dr. Neena Chopra established Just Herbs. The company has no tolerance for animal cruelty, and the Ministry of Ayush of the Indian government even supports it.

8. FAE Beauty

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FAE beauty is another brand that provides with best vegan cosmetics in India, and their lipsticks are the ones everyone should try.

9. Daughter earth

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This brand combines ayurveda and biochemistry to produce the best makeup products. They use ingredients like shea butter, almond, moringa, etc. 

10. Bon Organics

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Using ayurveda and ancient techniques, Bon Organics produces excellent vegan products. They produce these products in small quantities and handmade so that the freshness will always be there.

Ingredients used in vegan makeup products

In addition to being devoid of animal products and their byproducts, vegan cosmetics frequently use herbal extracts, natural plant extracts, and minerals since they are better for human skin. Both skincare items and makeup color cosmetics fall under this category.

All natural extracts from plants, including those from flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and essential oils, must be used in vegan cosmetic goods. Only plant or mineral extracts that have been collected in accordance with veganism’s guiding principles—respecting animals’ dignity and their right to freedom and natural habitat—can be used in their production.

These ingredients not only support veganism but also are beneficial for the skin. They give that natural glow everyone wishes for without damaging the skin.

Benefits of vegan makeup products

There are numerous benefits to using vegan makeup products. Let us look at a few of them. 

1. Skin benefits

A vegan skincare regimen is a terrific option for people with delicate skin and chemical allergies. Fortunately, the majority of vegan products don’t include any harmful chemicals. As a result, there are also fewer chances of skin rashes and irritation.

Additionally, substances made from plants aid in the absorption of several vitamins and minerals by your skin. Vitamin E, tea tree oil, and sea wood are some natural components used by vegan makeup brands, which are very helpful in eliminating pollutants, excess oil, and contaminants.

Vegan beauty products not only benefit skin types with normal skin, but they also nourish and hydrate all other types. Traditional makeup products may contain harmful chemicals which are not good for the skin but also bad for health. They may sometimes result in skin cancer too.

2. Beneficial for the environment

Vegan makeup products are sustainable; producing these products will result in low wastage, and extracting the ingredients is also the sustainable and natural way, whereas traditional products are completely opposite.

3. Wellbeing

When you buy a vegan product, you are thinking about the harsh effects that chemicals have on your skin. Now that you’re shopping with awareness, you may adopt a healthy lifestyle. You are indirectly boosting positively when your body is related to everything you see, including plants and nature. You become more sensitive to the abuse that animals endure during product testing.

4. Health benefits

Fortunately, vegan skincare products are not only healthy for you and the environment but also wonderful for your skin and your health. The crucial reason behind this is that they are chemical-free. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about any health issues brought on by skin care, such as blemishes or skin cancer.

How to choose the right vegan makeup product?

  • Know your skin type before choosing the product.
  • Check the label and confirm that it is vegan labeling.
  • Check the ingredients list. The ingredients should support veganism.
  • Check the internet if you are confused about the ingredients.
  • Also, consider allergic information. If you have sensitive skin, then some ingredients may not be suitable for you.
  • It is always suggestible to buy makeup products from vegan brands such as plumgoodness, herbs, etc., to ensure the ingredients.

Are organic, cruelty-free, and vegan makeup products the same?

Many people often think that organic, cruelty-free, and vegan products are the same. But the truth is, no! they are not the same. In general, vegan makeup is defined as having no animal by products of any type.

The words “cruelty-free,” “natural,” and “organic” do not necessarily mean that a product is vegan. Even while these qualities do describe the characteristics of veganism, these products still need to meet more requirements to be referred to as vegan.

Are Non-Gmo Natural and Organic Makeup and Products Vegan?

Technically speaking, a product’s claim that it is manufactured with natural ingredients does not imply that all of the ingredients are from the natural world. There are still minimal amounts of other synthetic materials in natural cosmetics.

However, organic makeup goes to a level far beyond natural makeup. It has more organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and chemical-free fertilizer-free ingredients that are derived from nature. Vegan cosmetic brands can be categorized as organic cosmetics; however, the two are not always interchangeable.

For instance, some organic goods could include only beeswax or honey, which goes against vegan ethics. In other words, organic makeup brands may not be vegan.


Using vegan makeup products not only helps in saving the animals from the torcher they go through but also helps your skin and your health. These products help the environment due to the sustainable methods they involve. Considering the pros it has over traditional chemical-filled cosmetics, it is always suggestible to use vegan makeup products. 

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