12+ The Best Online Thrift Stores in Canada

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Thrift stores have had a massive comeback in recent years. Thrift stores have a more comprehensive range of products than large box retailers, and they serve local demand. Most thrift stores sell rare apparel. That’s why shoppers choose this method for unique purchases. Fashionistas love vintage and second-hand clothes, and thrift stores have unique vintage clothes for work and play.

Thrift stores offer an exciting shopping experience if you have time. Online thrift stores offer cheap but distinctive things for Canadians. Buying from thrift stores is one of the ways to save the environment. People who are looking for the best-branded clothes at affordable prices can consider online thrift stores in Canada. 

Multiple stores are there which deal with numerous customers around the whole world every day by providing all the second-hand clothing in the best materials. If you are in Canada and looking for the best thrift stores, here are some suggestions. 

1. eBay Canada

One of the largest and most trustworthy marketplaces, eBay Canada, sells thousands of products daily to many clients. They also partner with small businesses and sell products.

It’s also a great place to find fashionable, distinctive, and labeled vintage clothes. They redesign all second-hand things utilizing cutting-edge technology and design. This method is very useful for the environment and supports sustainable living. They also supply accurate used apparel and equipment information to all customers. Therefore, it has become one of the best online thrift stores in Canada. 

2. Consign Toronto

Another one of the most popular stores in Canada which is successful in selling its products in both the online and offline methods is Consign Toronto. The store is fully dedicated to selling all the vintage products in bold colors with a new look. They recreate the designs of the used clothing to make them more appropriate and stylish. Also, to make clothes in new designs and shapes, they use all the ways to save the environment. Frequently, they make their website more accurate and transparent by providing all the single details to reach all customers about the products. 

3. Black Market Clothing

Besides that, if you are looking for all the collections of the 80s, the best store for you is black market clothing in Canada. Originally, this online store was created by artists, OCAD students, musicians, and punk rockers. 

Nowadays, it has become one of the growing market stores in Canada where people can purchase all the collections of vintage clothing along with other branded clothes. They also motivate their customers by providing all the fashion tips and Reasonable prices products. 

4. VSP Consignment

People looking for the best e-commerce website in Canada from where they can purchase all their favorite fashion equipment and branded clothes can go to the VSP consignment. You can get it at your door within 24 hours of ordering a particular item from the site. Considering the Importance of Environmental Protection, they make all their products fairly. 

5. ETSY Canada

Another popular store in Canada and similar to eBay, is ETSY Canada. This particular online store is successfully connected with millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. They primarily offer huge numbers of Vintage clothing collections for their customers. All the prices come with super affordable prices and in good material with outstanding design and colors. 

6. Shrimpton Couture

Without taking the hefty shipping charges and Texas from the customer, another one of the stores in Canada that has become so much popular among the audience is Shrimpton couture. Around the whole world, they sell their best collection of vintage clothing for men and women equally. And at affordable prices, they will all be able to get the opportunity to sell and purchase products from them. 

7. Myluxurycloset.Com

Subsequently, another one of the popular retail thrift stores in Canada is myluxurycloset.com. The store also offers high-quality vintage products and clothing to customers around the whole globe. Besides that, they also offer facilities to their customers to learn about special offers and discounts from time to time on their official website. A huge collection of clothing, other accessories, and second-hand clothing are equally available on the site. 

8. Turnabout Luxury Resale

You can also consider the name of the online store turnabout luxury retail in Canada. The store has gained popularity and reputation among audiences by providing the best second-hand clothing in high-quality materials with good colors. However, they also keep a separate section for all the customers where they can leave their used clothing for reselling to other customers through the help of the store. 

9. Love That Bag Etc

Another one of the loved online thrift stores in Canada is love that bag etc. they are offering almost 90% off the original price of a particular clothing item or other fashionable equipment. They are best known for selling high-quality and confined clothing to their entire customer not only in Canada but also in other countries equally. 

Customers will also get the opportunity to connect with social media platforms. And by using social media platforms, they can also purchase the best clothing from their site. 

10. Designer Swap

Designer Swap always provides a hundred percent accurate and authentic material clothing to all their customers and offers the opportunity to sell their used items equally. Not only that, but the store also offers free shipping services all over Canada and an easy return-back policy for all customers.

11. Giverise

If you buy through this store, you can give that money to charity. Not only that, but this store also organizes fundraising and helps people. You can find different items and clothing and buy them as well as sell your items and clothing.

12. Mama Loves You

This vintage thrift store with ten years of experience will provide you with a wide variety of clothing, home decor, furniture, etc. They provide eco-friendly services and give their best to reduce wastage. Helping local charities and following sustainability is their primary aim.

13. Goodwill Boutique

These stores offer their income to charities and offer different types of items like clothing, home decor, accessories, furniture, etc. They have a collection of vintage and Halloween costumes.

14. Penny Arcade Vintage

With over ten years of experience, this store offers an excellent collection of vintage clothing and denim for both men and women. You can choose any item from them and buy it. In this way, you can get good clothing and add your hand to reduce wastage.

15. The Knick Curated Vintage

Along with vintage shirts, T-shirts, jackets, and other clothing, This store offers jewelry, accessories, and much more that you can add to your backpack when going on a trip. 


Buying clothes from thrift stores will give you a unique experience and also helps you in following sustainable ways of living. In this time, when the environment around us is losing balance, it’s high time we follow sustainable ways of living.

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