14 Best Online Thrift Stores in The USA to Buy High-End Products

Best online thrift stores

Nowadays, online and offline thrift stores have become one of the easiest ways to show the Coolest fashion statements at low prices. People always are looking for luxury and high-end products to buy without spending a lot of their money. The thrift stores have a high collection of footwear, clothes, and accessories from anything to everything. They also help the environment by reducing wastage on the planet. 

All the thrift stores promote sustainable fashion, and it has become one of the fastest second-hand quick fashions for the Indian people too. Nowadays, sustainability has become a buzzword, and following a sustainable lifestyle is necessary too. 

Online Thrift Stores in the USA

Most Americans prefer to use second-hand clothes from thrift stores. Along with dresses from footwear to home decor, they prefer to buy from thrift stores. Let us look at a few thrift stores in the USA through which you can buy unique clothes and other products.

1. Refashioner

Refashioner is one of the best online thrift stores in the USA has. This particular store sells second-hand products to their customer and provides full information about the product. Subsequently, the customer can also get products from before the 1940s. The store helps the audience receive reasonably priced fashion equipment and clothing. They use recycling methods that are eco-friendly.

2. Urban Renewal 

Urban renewal is another more popular online thrift store in the USA where we can purchase all the vintage clothes and fashion equipment. They are best known for selling all the vintage products around the whole world at the lowest prices. All the dresses are carefully designed and upcycled into a new model outlook considering the benefits of recycling

3. Goodwill

Goodwill is one of the best thrift stores in Atlanta. If you cannot visit the store but want to buy second-hand products from them, then you can visit their auction website. Besides that, they also equally sell other products like Electronics, musical instruments, home goods, Gaming systems, art, and many more. 

4. The Real Real

If you are looking for a perfect thrift store where you will be able to get all the things on a single platform, then Real is the best store for you. The main purpose of this particular store is to provide all the designer Fashion clothes for selling or buying from the customer.

It is also the ultimate destination for consigned luxury fashion clothing and authentication. This is one of the most popular best online thrift stores in the USA has for purchasing second-hand clothes online.

5. Depop

The store is the whole fashion Marketplace for the customers to purchase all fashionable clothing and other accessories. Subsequently, the customer will also get the opportunity to purchase their best second-hand clothes by taking the facility of big discounts and offers. Eco-Friendly travel Products are also available on this platform. 

6. ThredUp

Another one of the best stores in the USA is Thredup, best known for men’s collections. The store was launched in 2009, and with time, it gains its popularity by providing excellent material clothes at low prices. Besides that, they also sell second-hand clothing for kids and women. 

7. Swap

People looking for a vintage winter collection clothing store in the USA can get them through Swap. Millions of clothing collections are available in the store, from where a particular family can purchase all the branded second-hand clothing with discounts and offers for the whole family members.

8. Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the most popular 21st-century online thrift stores that is selling products more than 200 million items in two countries. Besides that, they also have a huge customer, more than 70 million users. They sell home decor, beauty products, and other varieties.

9. Maeven Vintage

One of the top online thrift stores, Maeven vintage, is perfect for the fashion-forward person who isn’t afraid to try new things with their personal style. The shop carries a wide variety of vintage garments, in addition to a wide variety of shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

10. MAW Supply

Maw Supply is a well-known store in the United States that sells clothes for both men and women. In 2012, a couple from the United States had the idea to open a store where fashionistas could find high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Also, American shoppers can make a buck by selling their gently worn garments to the shop. The store also puts in a lot of effort to ensure the success of its environmental management system.

11. ASOS Marketplace

This is a second-hand clothes online store in the USA, and they are selling their products in more than 50 countries. They also provide the facility to all their customers to sell their own used clothing at the shop. You can find different types of clothes like coats, jackets, vintage shirts, trousers, Maxis, etc. you can also find vintage dresses and accessories here.

12. Attic

For anyone interested in finding and exploring unique vintage and handmade goods, ATTIC is the thrift store to explore. ATTIC intends to help small companies compete with larger chains by removing barriers to local purchasing.

They’re like Google for small-business shoppers. Shoppers and fashion designers can discover clothing from the Y2K era, the 1990s, and even the 1970s, as well as the latest in high fashion and even the slow fashion movement, in local shops.

13. Good Fair

Goodfair believes we can lessen the garment industry’s effect on the environment by buying less and used. To make stylish, cheap staples like flannels, patterned tees, and crewnecks more accessible, they build an online store. They recycle salvaged garments and construct these incredible bundles.

Goodfair takes these clothes, verifies them for quality, then thrifts them to produce their distinctive bundles of 2–4 pieces. They also provide home products like shawls and comforters! 

14. Rag-O-Rama

It is one of the best thrift stores in Atlanta. This store offers high-end and unique products. Along with local people, they also ship the clothes from one place to another. You can also sell your products through their site.


Creating a new clothing item will cost money, and waste disposal through this will cause pollution. It’s high time we follow sustainable living methods to save the environment around us.

One of these ways is to create more recyclable products and use second-hand clothes to decrease the landfills. One step from us will create a big impact on others. 

What is an online thrift store?

An online thrift store sells used, second-hand items like clothing, furniture, souvenirs, or books at attractive prices. Thrift stores usually play the role of marketplaces, where consignors offer and sell their used items on these marketplaces. Many online thrift stores also sell vintage items.

Is online thrift shopping becoming popular?

According to ThredUp’s Annual Resale Report for 2017, online thrift shopping is becoming a global phenomenon, with a 127% increase projected by 2026.

Is it OK to wear clothes from thrift stores?

Yes, thrift store clothes are indeed safe to wear. However, it is essential to remember that they must be cleaned thoroughly before use. While it’s true that these clothes were previously owned, keep in mind that even brand-new garments are tried on by numerous individuals in changing rooms before purchase.

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