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Online Thrift Shop India

Things that are not useful for one may be helpful for others. Thrift stores work on this theory. Simply, thrift stores are second hand stores through which you can get unique and vintage clothing and other products. In this internet era, second-hand products have gained popularity. Through these thrift stores, you can get second-hand and quality products. Online thrift shops in India are rising in number because of this demand. 

You can get your desired items at lower prices through these stores. Along with this, buying through thrift stores aid in donations as well as supports sustainable living. 

Agree with it or not, many people nowadays want to do something for the environment so that it can get better. That’s why from straws to everything we use in our daily life, people prefer sustainable materials.

With the same intention, people prefer thrift shopping to decrease textile wastage and to help the environment get better. India is not an exception to follow this. You can find second hand clothes online through many websites. Let us look at a few of them.

1. Bodements

Source – Bodements

If you are looking for all fashionable equipment, including second hand clothes at reasonable prices in India, then bodements is the best place for you to go. Moreover, you can also give them all your used clothes for selling to another customer.

You can get ideas of how to make everything around us sustainable through the store. The store is best known for providing regular and daily wearing clothes, accessories, and other fashion equipment. All the designs of the stores are very eye-catching and unique in style.

2. Carol’s Shop

Carol’s shop is the best online thrift shop India has. Carol’s shop has unique designs and printed clothing. There is a vast collection of refreshing and unique printed clothing for all the fashion-enthusiastic people around the whole of India. 

They even have an Instagram page where they regularly update their latest collections. You can consider this second-hand store to purchase all your favorite fashion items at the lowest prices. 

3. Aima Vintage

Aima Vintage
Source – Aima Vintage

Aima Vintage is more famous for its second hand clothes. The main purpose of this online store is to provide all the collections of 60s and 70s styles of clothing to the people. The shop is appropriate for those people who are crazy about wearing printed pants and apparel.

4. RedEmpress

Are you the one who wants to maintain your fashion status but simultaneously wants to decrease your carbon footprint? Then, RedEmpress is for you! You can follow their Instagram profile and explore their products. They offer all the printed shirts both for men and women with gold chain links. If you love printed shirts but want to save money on them, then you can buy these second hand clothes online.

5. Viange

Do you want to appear like a celebrity and maintain the same fashion statement? Then the next best thrift store online in India is Viange. They are also famous for selling designer clothing and jewelry to audiences at reasonable prices. Their jewelry looks incredible, and you can even use them for your eco-friendly wedding. Audiences can also sell their own used second-hand clothing at the store anytime. 

6. Folkpants

Source – Folkpants

For people looking for oversized white pants, the next online thrift store is Folkpants for you. This is the best unique thrift store online in India. With minimalistic fashion and bold designs, their products have gingham prints and spot florals. They are also famous for giving dramatic collars and sleeves, and they recycle old clothes to create these incredible designs.

7. Mirinwon

For casual-wearing lovers, Mirinwon is another more appropriate store to purchase all the casual dresses and chic formal clothes. From printed shirts to bags, everything is available in this store. They sell branded and vintage clothes for men and women in huge collections.

8. Vintage Inc

If you are looking for a huge collection of winter jackets, sweaters, and other things, this particular store, vintage INC, is the best option. All the clothes are mostly at affordable prices for people who are looking for second-hand best, quality clothes. 

9. Dolce Vee

This is another online thrift shop in India that can help you to get all your favorite clothing items, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and other things. 

If you want something branded at low prices, this store is your best destination. 

10. Slow Cat Store

This store offers outstanding and attractive printed T-shirts. It sells the kind of wacky, eccentric items you’d find at a thrift store, such as plaid button-downs with oversized flowers or satin blouses with asymmetrical panels. Men who are more into funk than others are welcome here.

11. Bombay Closet Cleanse

Curated Findings
Source – Bombay Closet Cleanse

This is a green business idea with a physical store in Bandra. You can find lovely bodysuits, Skirts, crop tops, and more at this women-run charity store. They also donate a lot to needy NGOs. With their products, you can add sustainability to your wardrobe.

12. Curated Findings

Bombay Closet Cleanse
Source – Curated Findings

This online thrift store was founded after the pandemic. This store quickly became well-known for the quality of its handcrafted goods. The company is proud to offer ‘unique’ and ‘sustainable’ products, emphasizing the quality of the textiles and fabric. 

13. Snazzy Thrift

Snazzy Thrift is one of the best-known thrift shops in the country for promoting eco-friendly clothing. You can find vintage and pre-loved items in their collection. At Snazzy Thrift, you can find everything you need to look fabulous without spending too much.

14. Lulu Thrifts

This is a home-based business that operates as a boutique shop on Instagram under the same name. They sell a wide variety of items, including handcrafted resin goods in addition to clothing, bags, and shoes, and orders are processed and mailed out once each week, on Mondays.

15. Amalfi

Amalfi india
Source – Amalfi India

Originally founded with the idea of making “thrifting a regular trend,” Amalfi has grown into one of the greatest sustainable e-commerce platforms in the country. They carry both mainstream and high-end labels and donate most of their annual profits to charity. 


Sustainable living is necessary for us to follow to save the earth from climate change. Thrift shopping is one sustainable way of living.

This is nothing less than any normal shopping, and you can get the same attractive clothes and other items just like typical shopping. Upon that, this is budget-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start thrift shopping. 

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