List of 9 best environment-friendly bamboo computer accessories

Environment-Friendly Bamboo Computer Accessories

The post is about tech-based eco-friendly products. In this, you go through the 9 best computer accessories made from Bamboo which you can replace with your plastic accessories, in return you will help to make the environment safe.

No one ever imagines that computers are hazardous to the environment. All types of computers/laptops are an electrical device that has many components and accessories are made of plastic which harms the environment.

To keep in mind I am writing the post for those people who are thinking about buying some extremely unique computer/laptop or computer accessories then this post will be helpful for all of them.

Computer or laptop users will like the post most because this is all about the people who use computers or laptops a lot. It will become very useful for them

Firstly, let me tell you Bamboo computer accessories have also been in the market for a long time but very few people know about them. At this time bamboo is the best alternative for replacing plastic products to make your computer eco-friendly.

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Bamboo lap desk

Bamboo lap desk

A bamboo lap desk is a simple portable & foldable desk that make your work more comfortable on a laptop

It is made with completely natural bamboo. Usually, it gives you the freedom to work in bed without bending your back and other difficulties you face.

Its designs & builds quality introduce you to many features like


  • Anti-slip baffle
  • Foldable which save space
  • It has holes for passing the laptop heat from the bottom side
  • Lightweight & portable to take anywhere easily
  • Used raw Material: Bamboo
  • Color: brown similar to wood (shown in image)

Approx Data

  • Anti-slip Baffle Length: 15.8 cm / 6.2 inch
  • Leg Length: 18.3-26.5 cm / 7.2-10.4 inch
  • Table Length: 53-58.8 cm / 21 inch-23 inch
  • Width: 23.4 cm / 9.2 inch
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Removable Desk Panel Length: 29.7 cm / 11.7 inch
  • Table Extend Height: 31.2-37.7 cm / 12.2-14.8 inch

Bamboo monitors

Monitors are one of the major components of the computer. It is a screen that displays everything the CPU is working on like pictures, videos, graphics, etc.

The monitor is an output device because it displays the information on your monitor.

But! Did you know? Thousands of varieties are accessible

The bamboo monitor is one of the peerless variety which not only works as a usual plastic monitor but even helps to make the environment sustainable & inspire more people to go through sustainable life.


Wooden mouse

The mouse is mainly used to operate the cursor & to complete the desired action user wants; it is also known by the name of Pointer.

The mouse is an input device through that users give instructions to the CPU for performing the functions like select, cut, copy, paste, scrolling, etc.

A mouse is the second computing device that also comes in an organic form.
The bamboo mouse is a high-quality device better than plastic which provides good quality, durability, finishing & environmentally friendliness.

Bamboo Macbook case

Bamboo Macbook case

As we know how the market is evolving quickly & because of the pandemic how all types of industries whether it is the technology field, food industry, teaching, and more are shifted from offline medium to online medium.

Because of that, laptops have become an essential requirement for every professional, student, freelancer, etc. Thus, they all need to secure their laptop.

So here’s the bamboo case introduced by Macbook which helps to keep your laptop secure & this is built from Bamboo it means they are environmentally friendly too.

Usually, this bamboo case comes with a stylish leather strip & which provides more safety to laptops

Qualities :

  • It is more lightweight due to the raw material being used.
  • Comfortable to hold with leather strip
  • Provide more Protection to your MacBook
  • Attractive design & finished surface

Pendrive or Card reader

wood pendrive

Although, in the past few years the market has changed so much. Phones have been launched with so many upgraded versions quickly & companies started to provide a huge space in these upgraded phones

Hence, people stopped the use of pen drives & card readers or the usage of pen drives is going very less but still few places are there where pen drives & card readers are used

To come back into the market companies always focus on the research & development department or trying to build unique products, bamboo pen drives works as similar as other ones.

However, The only difference is the raw material is used that becomes a specialty of it which make it differ from others
Because it is made from Bamboo i.e completely recyclable & environmentally friendly


wood headphones

Another amazing bamboo accessory you can add to your computer kit is headphones that are made up of natural raw material bamboo.

Wood headphones are more beneficial than plastic ones whether you are using them to hear loud music, watch movies, playing games, or online classes. They measure the level of usually used plastic headphones etc.

Here are some advantages:-

  • Bamboo is the insulator of electricity hence, it reduces the percentage of damage by current
  • Bamboo is much harder than plastic so low chances of broken
  • These headphones are made up of bamboo which means they are eco-friendly too.

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Wooden keyboard

Wooden keyboard

Shocked! But you read it correct

Yes, the Wooden computer keyboard also is part of this list & can be purchased through online & offline mediums.

The best part is that each & every button is made up of wooden means completely made from wood. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

It not only provides a good design but also you get more durability, new work experience to work on some eco-friendly product and works better than the plastic keyboard which you’re using till now

So, what are you waiting for? Go & check it out.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

wooden bluetooth speaker
top view of wooden bluetooth speaker

If you come this far and own the device or accessories noted above then, the next item will complete the full setup of your computer.

Presently, Bluetooth devices are in trend because of some advantages like

  1. Bluetooth speakers are cheaper
  2. It doesn’t have any wire so no bother to manage it.
  3. Portable, means you can take it anywhere
  4. Because Bluetooth doesn’t need any charging plug
  5. Help to save power

What happened? If you buy an eco-friendly wooden Bluetooth speaker

Here are the specifications of this amazing wooden Bluetooth speaker

This speaker is the best fit for travelers, students, professionals, etc. It comes in a travel-friendly bag that helps to carry ease fully & looks attractive

Brand name – live tech
Item weight – 620g
Amazon rating – 3.8 out of 5

Bamboo laptop

According to us, this is the best product on this list i.e bamboo laptop launched by Asus. That was the first time someone launched an eco-friendly laptop.

It has come with some of these Specifications

  • Operating system – windows 7
  • Screen size – 14inch HD display
  • Average battery life – 10 hours
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Processor & processor brand – Core i5, intel
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery type – lithium-ion
All these products which are included in the list are easily available, budget-friendly, and do not harm the environment either.


Therefore, As we discussed the diverse list of computer accessories which take you & your computer towards eco-friendly life.

There are a lot more eco-friendly products are present, you can add to your home

Finding thousands of loads of more options of a single product is becoming easier by online medium & choosing the one from them isn’t great.

If you know more accessories should be added to this list please share your suggestions & thoughts in the comment section or want to get in touch with us visit contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the negative effects of using a laptop or computer?

Continuously using of computer & laptop will affect our health here is some effects could be seen
It can harm your physical health
Cause of cancer
Damage your eyes
Produced problems for pregnant women

Q2. How can I make my computer more eco-friendly?

There are some ways you can follow personally to make your computer eco-friendly
Recycle your old computer instead to throw it in the garbage
Turn off your computer when you don’t need
Buy green computer accessories (bamboo computer accessories)
Use power-saving options present on your computer

q3. What Are eco laptops

The main meaning of eco-laptops is those laptops that use less energy components so the laptop will consume less amount of energy, or could be made with eco-friendly material, easy to recycle, etc. are the things which make it laptop eco-friendly.

q4. What are the 5 advantages of computers?

These are the few plus points you will see if you go with computers.

1. Helps to increase your productivity
2. Save time
3. Connect you to the world through the Internet
4. Help you to learn uncountable things at home
5. Improves your ability
6. Provide entertainment

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