7 Best Sustainable Backpacks For Eco-friendly Future

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A backpack has been a part of our lives for many years. Whether it’s going to school, taking necessary things for a small trek, or simply a beach vacation, sustainable backpacks come in handy. Along with being a part of sustainable fashion, they are a way to save our planet.

With many climate changes and environmental effects happening globally, We should include sustainability from backpacks to cryptocurrencies

In today’s blog, let us explore the benefits of sustainable bags and the best 7 backpacks you can buy online.

When Can a Backpack Be Called as Sustainable?

Sustainability is a complex topic that varies from firm to firm, depending on the methodology they use under specific contexts. However, usually, when a backpack is created, produced, and used in a way that limits its adverse effects on both society and the environment, it can be considered to be sustainable. It’s just similar to any sustainable jewelry or clothing. 

From the materials used in the making to the way of transporting, every part should benefit the environment, economy, and society. 

How to Determine Whether a Backpack Is Sustainable?

We should consider many factors in determining whether a backpack is sustainable. 

1. Materials used

The materials used to prepare the backpacks are the first aspect that affects its sustainability. These should be either eco-friendly, recyclable, or organic. Usually, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp are chosen over nonrenewable resources such as virgin plastics.

2. Durability

A sustainable backpack should be durable for a long time. Then only, you need not to replace it very often. It reduces resource consumption and wastage on the Earth. That’s why, when you buy the backpack, search for qualitative, sustainable backpacks that can stand even rough usage!

3. Way of Production

Along with materials used in the making process, the way of production is a crucial point to consider when buying a sustainable backpack. Environmental and social responsibility should be the first and foremost priority in the process of production. Sustainable bags are usually manufactured in a process where the practices of using renewable energy resources, minimization of waste, and fair labor practices are involved. 

4. Less Environmental Effect

This is the primary purpose of sustainable backpacks. From production to disposal, sustainable backpacks should have a minimum environmental effect. Whether it’s using less natural resources, easy repair, and replacement of the backpacks, or easy degradability in Earth or recycling facilities after usage, everything should have less environmental effect. 

5. Packaging and Transportation

Do you know that lots of waste is being generated on Earth because of harmful plastic and synthetic packaging? Sustainable backpacks should have eco-friendly packaging methods and transportation facilities. This makes sure to decrease the carbon footprint. 

6. End of Life

What should be done after the backpack has its end of life? It is important to note that a sustainable backpack should either be reusable in another way or easily biodegradable or recyclable. If the backpack is made up of things that cannot be recycled, it will be toxic to the environment.

When you buy a sustainable backpack, consider these points and verify whether the backpack has these or not, and then buy them. In this way, you can contribute to the protection of the environment.

Benefits of Using Sustainable Backpacks

Sustainable backpacks have various environmental, economic, and social benefits. Along with these, consumers can also get benefits from them.

1. Environmental Benefits

  • As sustainable backpacks are often made from recycled or biodegradable materials, they have fewer effects on the environment.
  • Whether it’s using eco-friendly transportation or less energy, sustainable backpacks cause less carbon footprint. 
  • Eco-friendly backpacks don’t use harmful chemicals or dyes, which can imply lower water, air, and soil pollution. 
  • Sustainable bags preserve natural resources by the mindful usage of them.
  • These backpacks produce less waste.

2. Economical Benefits

  • Usually, sustainable backpacks are produced by small-scale industries. These industries involve local people and give them fair pay. This helps them grow economically.
  • As sustainable backpacks are durable and can last a longer time, you need not buy them often and can save money.
  • More jobs can be created among local people and can give support to them.

3. Social Benefits

  • Fair labor practices, safe working conditions, not appointing child labor, and giving a reasonable price to the workers are part of eco-friendly backpack production.
  • Some sustainable backpack industries make local small-scale industries their partners and offer a fair share of their company. This helps small-scale industries grow economically, too.

4. Consumer Benefits

  • Sustainable backpacks are in trend and come with various attractive designs. 
  • You can use them for various occasions like going to college, a small trek, a weekend trip with friends, small shopping with mom, etc.
  • They are healthy and safe, not only for the environment but also for you.
  • When using sustainable bags, You will get satisfaction knowing that you are contributing your part in saving resources for future generations.
  • They are budget-friendly and can last long. You can easily use them for ten years when properly maintained.

7 Best Sustainable Backpacks Available in Online

1. Uppercase Apex Professional Laptop Backpack

This unisex laptop backpack is three times more water-resistant than normal backpacks. This has a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate for sustainability. They are providing a 750-day warranty period, too.

2. iMithila Madhubani Folk Art Organic Hemp Jute Cotton Backpack

This beautiful, stylish hand-painted backpack by iMithila is a perfect handicraft. It can be your best partner for school, college, shopping, or traveling. The material used in this is water resistant and biodegradable with high durability. 

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3. Clan Earth Pangolin Backpack

With the tagline “Be stylish sustainably,” Clan Earth’s backpacks are the best option to choose. They provide stylish and unique sustainable backpacks, justifying their tagline. Made with zero polyester materials, Clan Earth backpacks are water-resistant, super spacious, and expandable. Moreover, when they sell one product, they plant five trees! 

CLAN EARTH Pangolin Backpack Olive Green Casual Laptop Backpack Travel Backpack - Rolltop Backpack
CLAN EARTH Pangolin Backpack Olive Green Casual Laptop Backpack Travel Backpack – Rolltop Backpack
Dedicated 15.6′ laptop section and tablet cum notebook section; 20-27 litres expandable capacity

4. F Gear Milestone Laptop Backpack

F Gear Milestone Canvas 20L Stylish Backpack Suitable for Office College Business Travel & Hiking...
F Gear Milestone Canvas 20L Stylish Backpack Suitable for Office College Business Travel & Hiking…
The capacity of the backpack is 20 L; This backpack is equipped with adjustable padded shoulder straps.

This backpack of capacity 20L comes with four pockets. Made with recyclable canvas, the F Gear Milestone backpack is stylish and simple for both men and women. 

5. Mokobara The Aviator Backpack

This backpack has 12 12-month warranty and has space for a water bottle or umbrella. This one is stylish and fits up to 15-inch laptop. This 23L backpack is water-resistant and safe for electric gadgets. More than trekking, this is mainly useful for offices. 

MOKOBARA The Aviator 23L Premium Polyester 15' Unisex Laptop Backpack (Deep Dive)
MOKOBARA The Aviator 23L Premium Polyester 15″ Unisex Laptop Backpack (Deep Dive)
MAXED OUT STORAGE: Dimension: (45.7 x 28.4 x 12.7 cm), Capacity: 23L

6. PURSEO All Natural Pure Hemp backpack

This unisex sustainable backpack is cute and very useful for school, office, and small trekking. With three compartments along with a laptop compartment, this backpack comes with a three-month warranty. 

7. Artistix Avian Unisex Anti-Theft Backpack

Made up of recyclable polyester material, the Artistix Avian backpack has an anti-theft design with a secret pocket for your money and cards. This is water resistant and also has a trolley strap for convenient carrying. 


If you don’t use sustainable backpacks, it’s high time to buy and use them. While buying, make sure to keep in mind the material, packaging, and durability. In this way, you benefit yourself and contribute to the environment for future generations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials can be used in sustainable backpacks?

Sustainable backpacks should be made up of materials that are eco-friendly, recyclable, or biodegradable. Examples of such materials are hemp, organic cotton, recyclable polyester, and recyclable canvas.

2. Are sustainable backpacks durable?

Yes. One of the significant benefits of sustainable backpacks is they are highly durable and can last up to 10 years if properly maintained. Not only this, they are also stylish and easy to carry.

3. Why should I switch to sustainable backpacks?

Climate changes, heat waves, etc, are examples of how environment is become worse day by day. To save the environment and resources for future generations, we need to follow sustainable practices. By Using sustainable backpacks is one of the sustainable practices.  

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