Conscious Comfort: A Guide To Sustainable Lingerie 

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When we think of sustainability, we often think of using eco-friendly products, reducing plastic usage because of its adverse effects, and recycling methods. But, did you ever consider the choices of your lingerie on the environment? When you think of sustainable fashion, you often think of tops, suits, swimsuits, etc., but many of us are unaware of sustainable lingerie options. 

Sustainable lingerie is a growing trend that benefits the health of the wearer as well as the environment. In today’s blog post, we will discuss these conscious comfort wear more.

What is Sustainable Lingerie?

Sustainable lingerie is made up of materials that are ethical and eco-friendly. These materials usually don’t harm the environment during their manufacturing process. These materials are either organic or recycled materials or have less impact.

For example, organic cotton grows within a natural atmosphere, and using organic fertilizers has no adverse effects on the environment. Additionally, Sustainable lingerie brands encourage and follow ethical labor practices and pay the workers correctly.

Types of Materials Used In The Production Of Sustainable Lingerie

Sustainable lingerie brands use different types of materials in production. Whatever the material, their main goal is to minimize the environmental impact of the material and provide ethical underwear, just like ethical jewelry. Let us look at a few useful material types to manufacture the best sustainable lingerie.

1. Organic Cotton

It is the best option for lingerie as it is so comfortable and breathable for the wearer. Organic cotton is cultivated using only natural pesticides and less water.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo is the best renewable resource that is useful for producing the best sustainable lingerie. It has antibacterial properties and is soft and breathable. Moreover, bamboo doesn’t need any fertilizers or pesticides and requires minimal water to grow.

3. Tencel

Tencel, also known as Lyocell, is made from wood pulp obtained from eucalyptus trees. The production process involves a loop system and requires very minimal energy.

4. Recycled Polyester or Nylon

Sustainable lingerie brands use recycled polyester or nylon to manufacture the garment. The process involves recycling plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other plastic waste thrown by consumers. Recycling this plastic will decrease landfills and decrease the demand for new plastic. 

5. Hemp

Hemp needs less water and no chemicals to grow. Fabric, made up of hemp, is soft and turns softer with each wash. This fabric is durable and strong, which means that it lasts longer time.

6. Linen

Linen is another option sustainable lingerie brands use to prepare the garments. This comes from the fibers of the flax plant and is durable and strong.

Why Should We Choose Sustainable Lingerie?

Choosing sustainable lingerie has various benefits for the wearer and the environment. Let us look at them.

1. Health Benefits

  • Sustainable lingerie is free of any chemicals and made up of organic materials. This assures them to be soft and gentle on the skin.
  • No irritation because of sweat would occur as these are free of any synthetic materials.
  • Sustainable lingerie provides ultimate comfort for your skin and protects it from any side effects like skin irritation or rashes.

2. Environmental Benefits

  • By choosing sustainable lingerie, you can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Synthetic garments cause nonbiodegradable wastage. On the contrary, sustainable lingerie is prepared from biodegradable materials that can easily be dissolved on the earth.
  • These lingerie are easily recyclable and reduce wastage and pollution.

3. Ethical Benefits

Sustainable lingerie brands follow ethical practices, including labor practices. They pay the workers fairly and support the rise in the economy of society. By buying lingerie from these brands, you can support these ethical practices and give a better future for the next generation.

4. Fashion Benefits

Sustainable lingerie comes in various styles, designs, and colors as per your fashion sense. You can choose the one you like from various options available. Moreover, sustainable brands use natural dyes which don’t cause any harm to your skin and the environment. 

Tips For Choosing Sustainable Lingerie

1. Research Brands

Research brands that follow sustainable practices and transparency in their work. Many brands proudly showcase their values.

2. Check the Material

The material always matters. Choose the fabric of the lingerie. Choosing from organic cotton, bamboo, Tencel, or recycled materials is always suggestable.

3. Long Lasting Models

Classic models that last longer than fashionable ones will save time and money. The longer the lifespan of the lingerie, the shorter the frequency of replacing it.

4. Careful Washing

Washing plays a crucial role in the lifespan of the lingerie. Always follow the instructions made by the manufacturer to get the maximum life span for your garments. Avoid excessive heat to maintain the quality of the fabric.

4 Sustainable Lingerie Brands Available Online

You can find various sustainable lingerie online. Here, we are providing four sustainable brands that provide durable lingerie.

1. Aastey Bunny Hop Sports Bra For Women

aastey Sports Bra for Women, bunny Hop Active Wear Bra with Comfort Fit, Four Way Stretch, Swaet…
  • Medium Impact, Good Support – the medium to low impact support gives the maximum comfort and high support for every movement.
  • Cross back- The bunny hop sports bra has a flattering design with a cross back, which gives it a sexy look and feel.
  • Moisture wicking- The bunny hop sports bra is made with advanced technology to avoid getting drenched, whether it be due to sweat or water. The fabric used is created with a perfect blend of various materials that allows moisture wicking throughout.
  • 8 sizes- Size inclsuivity is one of aasteys core values, which is why all products are available in a range of sizes from xxs to xxxl. We’re constantly adding more sizes because fashion should be size agnostic. The leggings in this set also come in two different lengths?7/8th and full length, because we cater to both width and height.

This bra is made from recycled polyester and represents Aastey’s dedication to sustainability. Its cutting-edge moisture-wicking design keeps you dry from sweating or water. It is machine washable and made of a blend of fabrics, and it provides medium to low-impact support.

Aastey is proudly created in India and represents ideals such as sustainability, size inclusion, and mindfulness.

2. Bravado Designs Women’s Sustainable Panty

Bravado Designs Women's Sustainable Panty | High-Rise | Seamless | Recycled Nylon, Organic Cotton &...
17 Reviews
Bravado Designs Women’s Sustainable Panty | High-Rise | Seamless | Recycled Nylon, Organic Cotton &…
  • SOFT AND LUXURIOUS BLEND of recycled nylon, cotton and modal fabric that hugs your curves
  • COMFORTABLE HIGH-RISE SEAMLESS SILHOUETTE that sits at the natural waistline
  • BREATHABLE GUSSET made with cotton and modal that is so soft against the skin
  • HIGH LEG BRIEF FIT with more coverage in the back and added gentle support around the core

The Eco-Blend fabric by Bravado Designs is a beautiful blend of recycled nylon and organic cotton, and it is modal for an ultra-soft feel. This smooth, incredibly elastic material follows your curves and keeps your knickers looking brand new by preventing pilling.

It ensures product safety through component and product testing and is certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Bravado Designs puts your comfort and well-being first. Their clothing is made of 31% recycled nylon, 25% organic cotton, 18% virgin nylon, 16% modal, and 10% spandex.

3. Inner Sense Women’s Organic Cotton Bamboo Soft Feeding Bra

Inner Sense Organic Cotton feeding bra for women | Non Padded, Wire Free, 3/4 coverage, Adjustable…
  • Introducing the Inner Sense maternity bra for women, designed with an front open feature for convenient access during feeding, adjustable straps, 3/4th coverage cups, wire free frame and side panelling. This bra offers full coverage and is wire-free, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Women nursing bra Crafted from luxurious Organic Cotton Bamboo material, this fabric is designed to efficiently absorb and evaporate sweat, providing a fresh feeling all day long.
  • The gentle bamboo cotton fabric, which is eco-friendly, safeguards your delicate skin. This feeding bra is wire-free and non-padded, that provide round-the-clock comfort – ideal for expectant or nursing mothers.
  • Our nursing bra for feeding mom is, crafted with a Luxurious 48% Organic Cotton, 48% Bamboo and 4% Elastane Blend, offers Sustainable, Anti-Odour, and Anti-Fungal Properties, ensuring a fresh and comfortable feel all day long.

the Inner Sense Women’s Organic Cotton Bamboo Soft Feeding Bra is a skin-friendly and environmentally friendly option. It provides enhanced comfort and absorbs sweat better than synthetic or standard cotton bras since it is made from the softest Organic Cotton Bamboo Elastane fabric.

Its anti-odor, anti-fungal, and anti-static characteristics keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. It comes in a variety of colors, including three primary, neutral tints and two vivid alternatives with contrast elements, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

4. Boody Body EcoWear

Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Full Brief Seamless Underwear Natural Organic Bamboo Viscose – Soft...
1,258 Reviews
Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Full Brief Seamless Underwear Natural Organic Bamboo Viscose – Soft…
  • 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon. 7% spandex.
  • Keep it simple. Sustainably sourced bamboo, ethically made; this is fashion you can feel good about.
  • Full coverage, high waist, seam-free, ultra soft, and comfortable jockey style for women, juniors, and girls searching for a more modest, modern underwear basic.
  • Soft and wide high rise, flat ribbed waistband that lays flat and won’t roll or creep. These undies sit above the hips and are great for sensitive skin.

The material used in Boody Body EcoWear is 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon, and 7% spandex. These underpants are created ethically and sustainably. The high-waist, seam-free, full-coverage jockey design is ideal for ladies, juniors, and girls looking for stylish yet modest undergarments.

This best-selling shape fits above the hips and pairs wonderfully with high-waisted trousers, dresses, and skirts. Boody Body EcoWear provides both comfort and sustainability.


The emergence of sustainable lingerie is a step ahead to a healthy and safe environment to gift to our future generations. While buying the lingerie, make sure to support brands that follow sustainable practices. With the correct choices, we can make sustainable lingerie as part of sustainable fashion and can benefit the wearer and the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most common materials used in sustainable lingerie?

Organic cotton, hemp, recyclable polyester or nylon, bamboo, etc, are commonly used to manufacture sustainable lingerie. This is because these materials have eco-friendly properties. 

2. Are sustainable lingerie really comfortable?

Yes. Sustainable lingerie is far more comfortable than synthetic ones. Brands that create sustainable lingerie use soft and breathable materials that let you breathe comfortably.

3. What are the care instructions for sustainable lingerie?

The care instructions for sustainable lingerie depend on the type of fabric they use. Most common care instructions include washing in cold water, drying in open air, and avoiding excess heat. However, read the care instructions carefully to get a longer lifespan for the garments.

4. How can I identify true sustainable lingerie brands?

Choose companies that openly convey their dedication to sustainability by providing information about their materials, manufacturing procedures, and ethical standards. An eco-friendly brand’s commitment to its operations can also be demonstrated by certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

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