Eco-friendly Biodegradable Golf Balls | Detailed Guide

Eco-friendly Biodegradable Golf Balls

At present, people become very much nature conscious and do not want to damage the natural balance of the environment. Therefore, it becomes very much necessary to use only those things which are environment friendly. People also give the whole focus to use on recycling and reusing system, so that, the economy of the environment remains well.

People only use those things that can naturally decompose with the soil and do not lead any harmful effect on the society and equally on the environment. In market places, there is a lot of biodegradable golf balls are available that the golf players can choose for themselves.

To keep the importance of environmental protection maximum the players like to use biodegradable balls to hold the balance of the environment. Let us explore some of the significant details about the golf balls especially the biodegradable in this article. 

What Are Biodegradable Golf Balls?

To convey in simple words, biodegradable golf balls are made of those materials which can easily break down or decomposed with soil without leading to any damage. The materials which have been used in making balls do not take up huge spaces in the landfills. The golf player can easily identify the balls as it comes in green color in the marketplace places.

The environment-friendly materials make them more attractive for the players and for the people equally to use them. In comparison with other golf balls which are made of hard plastic called polyurethane. However, the biodegradable balls drive from corn. These are not petroleum-based, they naturally decomposed with soil with time and quickly. 

Frequently, there are many more things that people need to consider before choosing the balls for playing. And keeping in the mind, the importance of eco-friendly products using, we need to discuss a little few things about the biodegradable balls. 

What Are Biodegradable Golf Balls Made Of? 

Now talking about the materials that had been used to make the biodegradable golf balls, to put two words into this paragraph, the balls are totally made with pure rubber. The makers do not use any artificial materials to make the balls. Rather using pure rubber makes the balls more sustainable and durable.

Not only that but to make the walls the main cause also use new plastics that are easily decomposed with soil when it comes close to sunlight equally with water. After decomposing with soil or land field the ball does not leave any harmful effects of toxins on the field or soil. All the biodegradable balls offer softness just for the materials of pure rubber and new plastics. Also by using sustainable fabrics the balls become much more environment-friendly. 

How To Choose Biodegradable Golf Balls

To play the game of golf professionally or personally, it is always important to choose the best ball to experience the best game play. Subsequently, to save the environment from the harmful effects of using the regular golf balls it is necessary to go with biodegradable balls that are environment-friendly. Here we are sharing some of the tips which will be helpful for choosing the right ball for you. 

1. Materials

The material always comes fast before choosing any particular theme for your personal usage or for your professional uses. If you are going to play golf it is necessary to pick the best materials balls that can help you to play long. Different types of materials nowadays have been used to make a particular golf ball.

However, you need to go with only those sustainable materials that are easily economy friendly or environment-friendly. There are mainly Three Types of materials available for making golf balls and they are polyurethane, rubber, and latex. To save the environment from the harmful effects of plastic, today, biodegradable balls are introduced into the market. 

2. Types

Before choosing the balls you need to select the time at first you want to play with them. There are two types of balls are available on the market one is hard and another one is softer. You can select any type of ball for yourself and can play with them for personally or professionally. 

3. Surface

Another most significant thing that you need to consider before parties in the biodegradable ball is the surface you are going to play on. Numerous surfaces require numerous types of balls to sustain for a long time playing. If you are using a hard surface for playing golf then you needs to select the ball according to the surface the same thing is also applicable for a soft surface equally. 

The Best Brands Of Biodegradable Golf Balls

Now here we are offering a few selective and best brands biodegradable balls which you can consider for yourself before purchasing from the shops or online. Let’s know the name of all Golf balls thoroughly in this paragraph.

1. Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls

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For people who are looking for the best brand for biodegradable balls, this particular brand is Volvik. The colors of the balls present excellent visibility while playing games. Five different colors are available which anybody of you can pick for yourself. For the fight and stability of the optimal ball, this particular brand is the most suitable which players can choose quickly. Initially, the rating of the biodegradable ball is also recommended and it gets 4.5 stars out of 5. 

2. Wilson Velocity Acrylic Golf Ball

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With a rating of 4.4 out of 5, this particular brand’s biodegradable ball is also very much popular. All the balls have one single color which is white to make the balls the materials which have been used within it are acrylic. It offers the advantages like excellent durability, high trajectory, flies longer and straight flight, longest flying prostaff, and many more others. 

3. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

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Another one of the best brands for a biodegradable Golf ball is Srixon. Rating of 4.1 out of 5 this particular brand ball is also one of the best right now in the marketplaces. All the balls have a single color which is white and the durability and sustainability of the balls are equally remarkable for the Golf players. The key material which is used to make the ball is foam. And the outer materials are nylon. 

4. Wilson Titanium Acrylic Golf Balls

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Currently, in the market places, another one best golf ball which is biodegradable and popular among the Golf players is Wilson Titanium. The ratings of the brand balls are equally remarkable with 4.3 out of 5 stars. Some of the best features of the balls are long-lasting performance, promotes maximum energy transfer, High-performance, Sturdy surlyn cover, and longest. 

5. Volvik Vimat Soft Golf Balls

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And lastly, we will suggest another more cal wall which is soft and equally durable that is Volvik Vimat Soft Golf Balls. Again the ratings of the golf balls are remarkable with 4.4 stars out of 5. The benefits and advantages are also recommended. This type of biodegradable ball is usually very helpful while playing games and both professional and personal players can pick out the balls for playing. 

Why Is It Important To Use Biodegradable Golf Balls?

People can find out numerous reasons why they need to use the balls actually while playing. If you are interested to know the reason or the importance to use biodegradable golf balls then here through the help of this paragraph, we are going to let you know all the reasons quickly. 

1. Environment friendly

 To save the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals and other materials, in this particular golf balls, the makers use all the nature-friendly materials. In the later time, material does not bring out any harmful effect both for the nature and the society. Therefore, this is the first reason why people need to use the balls to play on the ground or on the pitch. 

2. Best for beginners

On the other hand, another one more reason why people need to go with these particular balls is that it is best for the beginners who are playing golf. It will be easier for them to practice the matches or game play easily on the ground without facing the difficulties. If the beginners will start with a hard Golf ball then the play will become much more difficult for them to start. 

3. Fly faster

In comparison with other balls, biodegradable balls offer faster flying in the air. If you want to have a quick game with your friends or competitive and then you should obviously choose the biodegradable Balls for yourself to start the match. It will offer you also a faster gaming experience equally. 

4. Softer  

For the materials, the biodegradable balls become much softer in comparison with other branded balls which come in solid and hard. And this particular is the reason why people are suffering the biodegradable Balls for themselves to enjoy the golf game. 

How Do Biodegradable Golf Balls Compare To Regular Golf Balls?

Usually, people compare the biodegradable balls with regular golf balls by considering a few facts. Let us explore the facts through which you can also compare the regular golf balls with biodegradable balls quickly. 

  • The biodegradable balls are usually made with 100% pure materials which do not have any harmful things within them. On the other hand, regular golf balls are made with a lot of harmful materials that can lead to dangerous effects on the environment. 
  • All the biodegradable balls take very few months or weeks to decompose with soil or ground while on the other hand, the regular golf balls take thousands of years to decompose with nature. 
  • Subsequently, all the biodegradable balls do not offer any skin allergies or other infections. On the other hand, if you are using a regular golf ball then it can offer sometimes skin allergies or infections very quickly. People can also save the environment by using eco-friendly garbage bags


These are the whole significant things that you need to know about biodegradable golf balls before purchasing them or playing with them. We have almost covered all the important details related to the balls and it will be helpful for all of you to understand the nature and durability of using the balls.

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